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    Stalker Alert! [private job]

    Alexander Easton
    Alexander Easton

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    Stalker Alert! [private job] Empty Stalker Alert! [private job]

    Post by Alexander Easton 5th February 2017, 9:35 am

    “Yes yes she will be coming in town later this evening. I’m sure if she just saw my letter that she would remember all the good times we had and we can fall in love and be together forever and ever. Doesn’t that sound nice? Doesn’t that sound great? I’m just afraid that I cannot get to her in time or on my own. I know that she is so popular these days and that she has a mob following her around at all times of the day. Perhaps this is a waste of time perhaps I should just accept that I missed my chance when we were kids.” Lex sat on a rather large, plush, and smelly love seat while an older man rambled on and on about this famous chick that he was in love with and had been in love since they were kids. Lex had recognized the name of the lady but was not too interested in what she was or why she was famous. He had no time to care about the old celebrity women of the world, all he cared about was the hot hunks of men that were popping up in the calendars across the country. Those guys were the ones that he would not mind delivering his own letter to. He stood up as the man continued to ramble and grabbed the letter from the man.. “Geez yes I will get it to her, don’t worry I’m far more powerful than any stupid fan club or body guards.” Lex gave a wink and ran out the door before he was sucked into another pointless conversation with the man.

    He made his way to the park where the lady was said to be having some sort of event. Was it a concert? A fashion show? A motivational speech? Lex did not know nor did he give two shits. As he saw the mob of people he was easily able to shove those in his path out of the way. He might have been a mage but he was not a weak little sorcerer, he was a battle mage. His strength far surpassed normal man,even if he was only classified as a D rank to the magic council. He psuehd the people right into each other like the dick that he was until he came to the entrance to the backstage area. There was a bodyguard there, Lex did not feel like fighting so instead he place Jinx on and teleported right behind the men without any problems. Once he was backstage he was golden, there was not any more security around. All he needed to do was find this lady’s dressing room and give her the note. He saw her name on a door with a large star sign so he barged right on in. She seemed to be in the bathroom attached to this private room in the shower. Lex placed the letter on the mirror so this would be the first thing she saw. It was probably really creepy but screw it, it was not Lex’s love life so he did not care. He walked right past the bodyguards, they did not question people leaving backstage just going in. Hemade his way to the old man’s house to collect his payment and be one his way.


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