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    W.I.P pet

    Edwin Vancleef

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    W.I.P pet Empty W.I.P pet

    Post by Edwin Vancleef on January 30th 2017, 1:46 am


    Rank: weak
    Species: infected creature,hydra
    Type: Combat

    W.I.P pet Latest?cb=20120220092212
    A more miniature version of what is seen in the picture, it is a different consciousness of the same virus that makes up veronica. It lives in veronica and when seen it always comes out of her body, preferably through her shoulder. The length of it is about the same length of her arm, and usually acts snappish or destructive.
    living weapon:

    Active(C): Veronica can allow the pet itself to grow into her arm and turn it into a grotesque weapon. It transforms her whole arm into a bulging mass of red muscle with black veins, were her hand was showed a bone shaped blade that extends up to a meter. With her arm though she can stretch it out an extra 3 meters of her normal reach. This is considered up to a  strong weapon and has no durability, but whenever the weapon would take damage it transfers over to veronica.


    Name: Bio barf
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Duration: 2
    Cooldown: 3
    Description: The hydra pokes out and barfs from it's mouth a trail of black and red sludge that extends up to five meters. Those that are caught in this barf become infected temporary with the blacklight virus. This does a initial 75% D-rank damage in a acidic spray while for two posts the infected loses half their speed due to the virus causing a stiffness in the infected's bodies.

    -A barf attack that hinders a opponent and makes it a more easier target for veronica
    -A spray of barf, it can affect more then one enemy

    -The barf itself is ineffective once out of range
    -This spray of barf can affect allies
    -Naturally magical beings with higher ranking then this spell have a higher resistance to the slow

    Name: Mantle of zeus
    Rank: legendary
    Type: Armor(worn like shoulder pads)
    Description: Worn like a cloak, this armor covers the length of the wearer's chest and shoulders. It is made of overlapping gold colored scales that give off a faint light of there own, it is unsure if the scales are from a dragon or another scaled beast. While it seems faulty for it’s lack of coverage, the magic from it flows on the user covering their whole body. This however was named after the lightning god zeus due to the protection it grants the user, a almost seemingly divine power.

    -Can only be worn by those who are lightning mages
    -It’s lack of coverage can betray the idea that it’s a faulty armor
    -Comes packed with healing for the owner and whoever they want healed

    -Can be used by other lightning mages, enemies included
    -The armor breaking prevents its abilities from being used
    -The armor’s only defensive traits is itself and the healing it offers
    -It’s shiny and bright colors make sneaking around harder

    Godlike health:

    Passive(A-rank): The armor itself has healing properties for lightning mages that wears it, granting a rejuvenating and healing aura whenever bathed in electricity. So when the user casts a electricity spell or is struck by one, he gains 4% of his total hp healed per time. However this applies with the signature spells but is harshly reduced to 1% hp whenever they cast a sig spell.

    God’s favour:

    Active(B-rank): The lightning mage can utilize the armor in order to transform one of their direct damage spells into a healing one. This basically means the user with the aid of the armor can use a non-DoT damaging spell on a target in order to heal them for the amount of damage the spell does. Any ill effects are not carried on and the electricity impacting can be felt as a rush and warm rather than painful. This ability has a 3 post CD and cannot be used with spells higher than B-ranks.

    Strong item

    Name: Lightning mages spark
    Rank: Strong
    Type: necklace

    W.I.P pet 81sXNgQ1lkL._UX395_
    A piece of larcima carved into a sphere surrounded with conductive metal which can be shaped into whatever a lightning mage may desire(in this case it is a dragon). The metal serves as a connection to the larcima and the lightning mage, which holds excess charge to boost the lightning mages natural abilities.
    -Small and easy to conceal, its not the easiest thing to spot
    -Grants a lightning mage a formidable boost to their natural abilities
    -it’s effects can only be used by a lightning mage

    -While hard to spot, it is not hard to remove with the right timing
    -Other lightning mages, including enemies, can make use of the necklaces abilities
    -It’s effects are tied to the user’s electricity, when the wearer runs out of mana the necklace stops working until they have mana again
    -It gives off a blue light, which if not hidden right it can reveal the wearer(not the best for stealth)

    Lightning mage’s gambit:

    Passive(B): Whenever the lightning mage casts a electric spell, the excess mana and power is attracted to the amulet and starts charging up the mage's body. This in turn grants them a 5% increase in their speed and reflexes(Caps at 50% for both). This increase happens for every time they cast a electric spell save for signature electric spells, in which only 5% can be granted once every post from those. However the user must be careful, for they lose 10% of this charge buildup for every blow they take(limited from one source per post).

    Built up current:

    Active(B): The necklace with it's built up charge has another use. The lightning mage can use the excess charge as a way to increase a spell's effectiveness. With this, the user gains 5% charge for each electric spell they cast up to a max of 25%(this charge is separate from the first passives charge). This charge then can be used with a spell cast in order to increase it's damage/heal, distance, and travel speed(if applicable) by the same percentage that was currently stored up. If desperate enough, the user can choose to use the % charge from the user's other passive, however it is a 2:1 convert % ratio.

    C-rank spells

    Name: Thunder Demon’s Thunder Head
    Rank: C
    Type: Lightning Terrain Alter
    Duration: 3
    Cooldown: 5
    Description: The user generates a lightning bolt in there hand and launches it into the sky above them. The lightning bolt explodes in the sky and right after dark clouds begin to form, the sound of thunder can be heard. With this, naturally caused lightning will randomly strike down in a 10 meter radius around the user. The user has a natural feeling of when lightning will strike, and can move in order to either consume the lightning or choose to be struck by it. Being struck by the lightning doesn’t hurt the user at all, but instead grants them a minor boost in the damage they deal(50% C-rank) for the next post.

    -The user can create a natural thunderstorm to give a favorable terrain advantage
    -The lightning that comes down can be consumed as it is considered natural forming lightning
    -The user can choose to be hit by the lightning instead for other effects as they are not hurt by it

    -Wind god/demon slayers can actually consume the dark clouds and cancel the spell early
    -The lightning that comes down can also be beneficial to other lightning slayers as they will also get a natural feeling to where the lightning lands
    -Water or rain in the area will increase the severity of the lightning strikes, which can deal damage to the user(50% C-rank damage dealt)
    -The spell itself requires the skies to be available to them, so this spell is not an option indoors

    Name: Thunder Demon’s Travel
    Rank: C
    Type: Lightning utility
    Duration: instant
    Cooldown: 3
    Description: When the user casts one of their lightning spells that travels outward, they can choose to cast this spell with it in which they disappear from sight, merging with the spell temporarily before landing in a 2 meter radius at the end of it. The user during this is untraceable and undamageable while they are traveling as the spell unless the spell itself is stopped or negated.

    -A handy movement spell which can close a gap or go for a clean getaway
    -While the user travels in the spell, they are untraceable and cannot be harmed unless the spell itself is stopped

    -Nothing more than a movement spell, this is a little worse as it needs to be combined with another spell to be useful
    -The user can be easily seen normally before and after the spell cast. Also, the time they are untraceable and invulnerable is very short
    -a lightning slayer consuming the lightning spell that the user is traveling in creates a awkward situation with varying results, none the less it’s not something the user wants usually

    Name: Thunder Demon’s Shocking Slash
    Rank: C
    Type: Lightning offensive AoE
    Duration: instant
    Cooldown: 3
    Description: The user charges up lightning with their hand or a medium(like a sword) before launching it outward. Once launched, a projectile that resembles a blade shoots out that’s 4 meters long and 1 meter thick, going as far as 20 meters. When this spell lands it not only deals 100% C-rank damage from the initial impact, but also explodes into a 3 meter diameter AoE that deals 75% C-rank damage to all caught in it(excluding the ones who were hurt by the initial blast).

    - A wide slash that can be cast at a moment's notice
    -There is no sign that the the slash explodes into a AoE until it actually happens

    -It’s cackling energy and bright appearance makes it noticeable when it is being cast
    -Once it has been seen in action, enemies can learn of the AoE and do well to avoid it
    -The spell only releases it’s AoE blast if it collides with something and does not go off if the spell hits nothing in the 20 meter distance it travels

    Name: Thunder Demon’s Charge
    Rank: C
    Type: Lightning buff
    Duration: 4
    Cooldown: 5
    Description:  The user for two posts channels there magic inside of them, and for these posts they do this they cannot cast any other non-sig spells or else they put this spell on CD without any benefits. But if they are able to do this successfully, then for the next two posts all of the user’s spells and non-spell physical blows deal an additional 75% C-rank damage while there distances and the speed  they travel are increased by 50%(if applicable). During the two posts of channeling the user’s magic aura range of where they can be sensed increases at first by 50% on the first post, then doubles on the second post. This increase reverts to normal once the channeling is done.

    -The user can charge up power within themselves and if they can wait for the two posts get a impressive power boost.
    -The user can fortunately still rely on their sig spells while channeling
    -In a bad situation, they are still free to cast there other spells

    -The user has to wait two posts before they can gain this impressive power boost
    -The user is still limited in choices even with access to their sig spells
    -If the user casts a non-sig spell during the two post channel time the spell goes automatically on cooldown
    -While channeling, the user’s aura grows with each post before the buffs can be had. This can give mages a easier time to sense him or know that the user is charging up on mana for something

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