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    This is What I Am???

    Yazuki Yoshino
    Yazuki Yoshino

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    This is What I Am??? Empty This is What I Am???

    Post by Yazuki Yoshino 23rd January 2017, 10:10 am

    He walked down the path towards the town, chewing on his lightning charred small stick about the size of a cigarette. He was here on more of a serious note than he usually carried about himself. This new lightning confused him, and he needed to know more. He figured, where better to go than the place that is all about magical history?
    "Slaying Thunder," he said to himself, remembering the last words he heard from the demon. Someone here might be able to explain to him what happened. The wind was fair, the sun's rays warm against his skin. Today was a nice day for this. Maybe he would find what he was looking for, he thought, today just feels right.


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