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    Lex's Crib

    Alexander Easton

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    Lex's Crib

    Post by Alexander Easton on 4th January 2017, 8:47 pm

    Lex’s Personal Retreat

    Welcome to the little slice of heaven that is Lex’s Retreat. It is built around the ruins of an ancient temple that Lex had renovated to use as his home as well as the place he stores the items in his re-equip magic. The grounds are sacred and have somewhat of a magical barrier that keeps people from attacking it for no reason or stealing his items while he is gone. The actual domicile of the area is underground, hidden away in the ruins. The home runs along the inside of the cliffs and underneath the ruins. It is only five stories currently while the fifth is the one carved deepest into the mountain’s side and hidden among even the other three floors.
    Outer Appearance of Ruins:

    There is a crumbling building resting among the ruins that is the one that still has a roof and four walls. This building is where the entrance to Lex’s home resides. There is a fountain in the center of the room with an orb sitting at the top of it. When Lex places his magic wavelength signature into the orb it will trigger a hidden gate and elevator like mechanism to appear on the far wall. This is what is taken to the first of the four levels.
    Entrance Area:

    The first level is a rather large area that is the most exposed to the cliff side. This is the informal meeting area and greeting area. There are several fountains and lots of plants giving the place a very nature vibe. Statues of angels and demons dot this area. There are also several benches for people to sit and talk. From here there is stairs that lead to the lower levels or they could opt to talk the elevator again.
    Meeting Area:

    The next level is the area where the kitchen and dining areas are located. This area is also given a grand bay window from the cliff giving it plenty of light. The color scheme for the inside is mainly a red and golden color. The kitchen is closed off to guest of Lex unless he wishes to show them it though most stay in the dining area.

    Dining Area:

    The third level is home to the library and the guest quarters. There are in total 5 guest rooms that each had a queen size bed and a small lounging area. Each room is also equipped with it’s own bath. The rooms are all on the cliff’s right side while the library is on the left side. At the very end of the library is a restricted area where the stairway to Lex’s quarters were located. He could also take the elevator to this level but only he has the proper magic wavelength to have it go down to the third level.

    Guest Quarters:

    The fourth level is Lex’s personal level. This is a large living space with lots of light. It is decorated with gold and red colors like the dining halls. The area sports a large king size bed, several personal bookshelves, and small terrace that jets slightly from the cliff. This area is home to the secret vault that is his armory. To access this there is a large circular indent in the middle of the room. Lex will summon one of his weapons and place them in a small slot in the center opening up a spiral staircase to the vault.

    Master Suite:
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