Arcane of Lacheln


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    Arcane of Lacheln

    Post by Mapleseruhp on 15th December 2016, 5:31 am


    Primary Magic: Arcane of Lacheln
    Secondary Magic: N/A
    Caster or Holder: Caster

    Titania is able to call upon and manipulate and transform into the pure rivers of Arcane that had once passed by Lacheln. This matter, which can manifest in all states of matter, or any combination thereof, constantly shifts through cycles of pastel pink, to pastel green, to pastel blue. This matter is very volatile, and its power depends on the ability of the wielder to control it. It can be used defensively, offensively, and for support. The matter also possesses the ability to morph into the appearance of other objects or creatures, while still retaining the properties of the original matter. This effect does not copy any non-visual properties of the target.

    This magic could be used to create a blob of pure Arcane to do damage, a blob of Arcana under an illusion, hardened barriers, or even wings to fly. Due to the otherworldy location of the Arcana, she is able to call upon it in different spots and travel through it, allowing her to teleport.

    When any forms of magic are used, a large pair of transparent blue and pink monarch butterfly wings emerge from her back. They retain an ethereal quality and glow, and can be used to fly with her unique ability.


    • Mana Draw - Magical attacks deal 25% more damage against magic users.
    • Illusionary - Titania can create Arcana to be used in illusions.
    • Versatile - The Arcana created can be put into any state of matter and pretty much used with any kind of technique.


    • Mana Draw - Magical attacks deal 50% less damage against non magic users.
    • Woodlands - Titania takes 25% more damage from fire attacks.
    • Neutrality - Dark or Light based magic attacks deal 25% more damage
    • Captivation - Any magic used creates large butterfly wings, a hint to look for if she is casting an illusion


    Reaper’s Touch:
    Description: The Grim Reaper traded places with a man that laughed at how easy it would be to be Death, however the man learned his lesson after watching countless lives being taken away at his hands. As a reminder, Death corrupted his blood and anything the man touches is burnt to a crisp.
    Ability: The user has to touch the target in order to be able to apply the effect of this Lineage. Those that are affected have their magic power degenerate and receive a physical burn on the area touched. The degeneration and burning last 3 posts, minus one per rank higher than the user(1 post at least). It deals user-ranked melee damage(max S-rank) and drains them of 2% MP per post.
    Can affect ethereal or incorporeal targets such as spirits, specters, or elemental bodies.
    Usage: Lasts 1 post during which their hand burns with ethereal flames and they need to touch someone to deliver the effect to that person. 8 post cooldown after the duration or if unable to touch someone.

    Unique Abilities:


    Using the wings on Titania's back, she gains the ability to fly with no direct increase of speed, unless it is windy, of course.



    Titania gains an extra 1% of her mana per post, 10% if sleeping.


    Titania can use spells while sleeping, but cannot move from the location in which she sleeps.


    Phantasmical Blob D:

    Name: Phantasmical Blob
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Cooldown: 1

    Titania calls upon the River to borrow some Arcane. The unstable .75m diameter blob is sent flying at one target, its color shifting from blue, to pink to green as it soars. Titania can decrease the size while it is forming, but not beyond the measurements specified above. After being deployed, Titania has no control over its trajectory. This ball can be sent up to 30m and moves at the speed of a fired cannonball.


    • Shredding - This spell hits barrier and protective equipment with double damage, but not the person itself.


    • Fixed - The trajectory cannot be changed once deployed

    Phantasmical Daydream D:

    Name Phantasmical Daydream
    Rank: D
    Type: Supportive

    Titania calls upon the River to borrow some Arcane. Using her bond to the city of Lacheln, she stabilized the Arcane and shapes it to whatever form she desires. This matter retains the physical properties of the Arcane and is only an optical illusion. This form can either be a solid appearance, or something translucent or ethereal. Upon casting, Titania can decided if she wants the illusion to be solid Arcana or not. If so, she can also decided if she wants to make the spell damaging, and if so, it deals 10% of D rank damage upon any non caster person who comes into contact with it for any time during it's duration.

    The maximum size taken by this illusion is equal to a standard fridge.

    Duration: 3
    Cooldown: 4

    • Deceiving - This object easily fools those of an equal rank of the caster or lower.


    • Optical Illusion - Magicians who focus primarily on light magic can see through the illusion, and will only see the shape of churning Arcana.
    • Non controlling - These illusions do not control the opponent in any mental way.

    Phantasmical Step D:

    Name Phantasmical Step
    Rank: D
    Type: Supportive (movement)

    Titania channels Arcan into two locations and connects them through the Arcane river before stepping into the rapids of magic. This allows her to travel a distance up to 15m at 25mph, leaving a burst of ethereal butterflies behind after use.



    • Swift - This technique can easily used to dodge attacks and cover distances


    • Disorientating - Titania needs to re orientate herself for one post after use, in which she cannot attack.
    • Draining - The post in which this spell is cast does not count towards mana replenishment.

    Phantasmical Cushion D:

    Name Phantasmical Cushion
    Rank: D
    Type: Supportive (healing)


    Titania summons a soft cloud of Arcana on which she will sleep. This cloud can take the form of many things, including a large flower, a bed, a pile of cushions, or anything generally soft. Upon creation, this cloud will remain at the location of where it was cast. Once no this cloud, Titania can choose to sleep, during which she gains 25HP per post, including the first. While sleeping, Titania is not capable of physical movement, but can choose to wake up at any time. A post in which she wakes up does not heal. This cloud can have a spherical radius of 1.5m

    Form Example:

    Duration: 3
    Cooldown: 4

    • Lucid - Spells with an illusionary effect deal an extra 10% damage while sleeping.


    • Nightmares - Spells that focus around darkness and evil deal an extra 25% damage to Titinia while sleeping.
    • Sleep Paralysis - Titania cannot move physically when sleeping.


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    Type: ( Fire, Water, etc. Offensive, Defensive, Supportive.)
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    Re: Arcane of Lacheln

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