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    Volunteer Work [Job]


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    Volunteer Work [Job] Empty Volunteer Work [Job]

    Post by Monica 27th November 2016, 2:51 pm

    Sirius Pendragon • Black Rose • D Rank

    Sipping some chamomile tea at a fancy little teahouse in Rose Garden, Sirius flipped the page of the newspaper that he had picked up from a stand at the entrance. It had some pretty interesting articles, but what grabbed his attention was the Blood Drive that was happening right at this moment. Double checking the date and time to make sure he wasn't mistaken, the blonde wizard placed the folded newspaper on his table and called a waitress who rushed to him in no time. He finished his tea and left some tips before getting up out of his seat and heading to the hospital where it was happening. There was a request for people to volunteer as helpers, not to join in on donating blood, but by taking care of the ones who did. Sirius could imagine the side effects of losing blood from one's body. Not because he had experienced it himself, but because he had read countless times about it. Sirius was a very cautious man and he liked to prepare himself for anything by taking in as much knowledge as he could gather from sources like books and the news, other people and so many more. Rose Garden was not a very large town. The name itself deceived him at first, making him think of the place as a massive cluster of rose gardens, or rather gardens with roses being the dominant flowers. That was a pretty silly thought, now that he thought about it. Every town in Fiore was named after a flower anyway as 'Fiore' itself meant 'flower' in Italian.

    Upon reaching the hospital, Sirius noticed that it was highly secured with guards basically everywhere, he would have mistaken it for the Magic Council building. This was clearly not something you saw everyday, and the fact that people weren't swarming at the gates made him feel much relieved. At least he wasn't going to have to squeeze through a crowd – not like he would do that if there was an actual mod, he would just turn away and leave. But since that was not the case, he would simply walk through the gates and lift up the back of his shirt to show that he belonged to a guild that was legal. With a nod and a smile at the guards who checked him for any weapons and things like that (although he already proved he was innocent), he continued to walk into the hospital's main building where the event was taking place. As soon as he entered, someone shoved a tray, almost into his face, inches from cutting his perfect nose with the edge. "Woah there," he spoke out of instinct, grabbing the tray before it hit his nose and letting out a nervous chuckle. The tray consisted of a bunch of food packets that he was probably supposed to supply to the blood donors. Sirius began to do this, and then after observing what the others were doing, he began to help in other areas as well.

    Location;; Hospital.
    Word Count;; 520 / 500

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