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    The Guise of the Black Sails[Job/Private]


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    The Guise of the Black Sails[Job/Private] Empty The Guise of the Black Sails[Job/Private]

    Post by Triple_Hell 26th November 2016, 6:22 am

    Ever since the opening of borders between countries of Earthland, Hargeon and Rose Garden had a gigantic influx of people wanting a passport to visit the amazing places. As much as it makes the people who make these passports happy that their jobs are a bit more lively and worth working, it is not a good time for the people. One was that, there was too many people, way way too many people wanting a passport, so waiting times were like waiting for more than 3 hours long. And with only some people working on the passports, it was hard to get things to speed up.

    Haia, looked at the massive crowd that had gather in Hargeon Town's Immigration Services building just to get s passport. She scratched her head, how was she going to even get past the whole crowd, she did not even want to wait over 5 hours for just a book with her picture and everything so she can come in and out of the country. She then feels a bit of a laughter in her head. She came from Seven, one of the places that Fiore has opened the borders too. She actually left Seven on foot to end in Fiore. So she is technically an illegal immigrant in the land of Fiore. But she did not care, she was a pirate, she went everywhere on foot and nothing was stopping her. Not even a thousand people waiting in line to get a passport can stop her.

    Haia needed to be creative, she did not want to use her magic or it would be stupid things can happen. She scratches her brown hair, she thinks and thinks, racking her brain for an idea as she stood in line. Then her guild's guise came out. The West Fiore Trading Company. She snaps her finger at her idea. All she needed to do was use the Guild's guise to make her way to the front and get a passport. But how, she racked her brains a bit more. How about that the West Fiore Trading Company needed its members to get passports quickly so that they can start shipping stuff between Fiore and the other kingdoms of Earthland. She looks over the shoulder of a man infront. He did not seem willing to move out of his queue. But then she sees what the man was doing, playing with his Ilac. Then she smiled. She straighten her hand like she was going to adjust the sleeve and used her Light Draw ability, using the Ilac's light and pulling the device away. He obviously was obsessed with it, the moment the Ilac flew out he chased after it without a second thought of who could have done it. She moves forward and hears the man get angry that he lost progress. She smiled, she thinks the guy should concentrate on queuing and not the device.

    She slowly makes her way forward, convincing people with her guise thing and that she needed the passport urgently for a shipping trip she needed to be one because of manpower. Some she used her cunning passive to simple flip the things they hold away. She flipped a child's toy out of her hand and made the mother move to get it, giving her the freedom to move forward. And with a smile, she reaches the front and gains a passport, she stares at it in awe as it automatically puts her face and information on it as she leaves the place.


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