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    Kill Me, and Be Cursed. You Are No King of Mine [A-Rank Exam]


    Kill Me, and Be Cursed. You Are No King of Mine [A-Rank Exam] Empty Kill Me, and Be Cursed. You Are No King of Mine [A-Rank Exam]

    Post by Guest 12th November 2016, 7:07 pm

    No, I won't fall for this again, I'll always see behind your smoke and mirrors. I know you love me deep inside, your simply caught up in
    her lie

    When you kill a king,
    you don't stab him in the dark.
    You kill him where the entire
    court can see him die.

    Sunlight glistened in through the curtains of a vast bedroom, shining through the translucent fabric and creating a sheer, red light across the stone floor. The soft chirps of birds could be heard outside of a partially opened window, giving way to life outside of the building. Through the open window, a gentle breeze shifted, letting the lightly colored curtains dance along its form as it blew by. A quietness filled the walls, of not only the room, but the entire building, as if the waking world inside was still slumbering. Yet, the muted shuffle of feet could be heard meandering in the corridors beyond the elegant, large doors of the chamber. Staff of the castle were wide awake, preparing the day for those who still yet slept in the soundless boudoir or were just beginning to stir. Even a faint scent of homeliness could be smelled filling the citadel with fragrances of cooked sausage, biscuits, eggs, bacon, syrup, and more.

    A burly hand curled over a smaller, slender one, holding it tight as it gently pulled it up from its position on a furred chest. Beneath the sheets, a muscular and aged male slid out from under them and carefully placed the feminine hand onto the bedding. He turned away from the bed and began his day with dressing, heedful of the sounds he would make in doing so. Despite the authoritative nature of his being, the man was conscious enough to never disturb a slumbering woman in fear of facing her wrath. More so, the woman under the bed linens was one that he dearly loved and only wanted the best for her well-being. With no other woman in his life, other than his daughter, she was the one thing he held nearest and dearest to his heart. Seeing something ailing or harmful become of her was the last thing the male ever wanted imagined to happen.

    Fingers entwined with the empty sheets, late in finding their way into the hairy chest of the one they had been resting on. In consequence to this, it caused the beauty in the sheets to shift and awake from her sleep to see what had become of her love. Platinum curls fell over slim shoulders and the woman pushed herself up into a seated position, the silken sheets spilling down her torso to reveal a barren chest. Owl-like eyes cracked open to reveal blue irises, highlighted by the brightness of the sunlight that shafted through the curtains. Through her grogginess, the woman watched as the nude form of her nightly affair busied himself with dressing. A yawn bore fangs that had been hidden behind luscious lips, quickly shadowed by them once more when the yawn was over. She grabbed hold of the sheets and pulled them over her chest so that she was no longer bare to the world and scooted closer to the bed's edge.

    "Alaric, what are you doing awake, my love?" the blonde inquired in her honeysuckle voice, still filled with a softness alluding to sleep. "It's quite early in the morning for someone of your prowess to be awake; come back to bed for a little while longer."

    "I can't, Dear, I have so much to do that must get done and there are so many hours within a day; you must understand," he responded. Sleepy orbs only watched as the man pulled a shirt over his head and finished dressing for the day, lips ever quiet. "As king, it's my duty to assure that everything is going well in the kingdom before I may even get a hint of time to myself. But do know, my lovely Naderie, that I love you more than anything in this world, just as much as I love my daughter."

    "Then let me get ready as well. I will join you on your endeavors for the day and you simply cannot say no," she answered him.

    "Now, you know that you can't join me, Na-" the king began, only to have himself silenced by the words of Naderie.

    "Didn't you hear me say, 'you simply cannot say no'?" she inquired in a tone of voice that was slightly more seductive and darker than it had been before. "As my lover, you can only understand that I wish to be by your side at all times to enjoy your company; would you deny me of that?"

    Alaric merely nodded in response to her, his demeanor having changed from stubbornness to that of willingness. "Get yourself ready, Love, today is going to be a long day and I want nothing more than an intelligent beauty at my side."

    Naderie smirked and pulled the sheets off of her, getting out of the bed and heading into the walk-in closet the king had installed for her. Today was bound to be a lot more successful than the day before; the king having a little less liberty than he had previously.

    "You should discuss your plan for the day with me, Alaric," Naderie called to the man from her place inside of the closet. "I'd love to know what I'm looking forward to and what I would allowed to participate in and give my feedback on. After all, wouldn't you want the thoughts of your beloved on things? Especially that which pertains to the country? If I'm to be queen, that's clearly something you should allow me to participate in; I'd also love to help you out."

    He twitched at her words, as if a small part of him was telling him something wasn't right and that he should refuse such knowledge to her. "Yes, of course, anything for my beloved," he replied to her on whim, not realizing until after he had said it what he had done. Now, there was no turning back as to what he was meant to say to her and anything wrongly said to her, she would know.

    This was going to be one very long day, and neither didn't know how it was going to pan out.

    When you strike at a king,
    you must kill him.

    Naderie stared back at herself in the mirror, prepping her raven hair and admiring the gown she had adorned before she headed out. It had been so long since she had worn a lovely dress as the one she was wearing now, it almost felt foreign to her, and almost like removing it. Of course, it wasn't a dress that was owned by her, it was one of the king's wife's dresses; hopefully, she wouldn't miss it when she came back from her trip. The dress was very pretty and complemented her physique, she wasn't about to give up such luxurious clothing when her time came to an end here. She sighed and ran her fingers through her raven hair again, staring blindly back into red irises, then turned away and exited the closet. "You're awfully quiet for having just told me that you would share your day with me," she spoke up in her chime-like voice that held the slightest bit of seduction to it. Her blue eyes glanced toward the graceful male, hands clasped together and resting politely at her waist, "come along, Alaric, you have things to do."

    "Coming, Naderie," he responded to her nonchalantly, heading in her direction and unconsciously linking his arm with hers, exiting the room to head to the dining hall. "The Magic Council wishes to go to war with the other countries due to an ancient magic artifact having been recovered, and they don't appreciate it in others hands. I'm not sure why that is, considering the artifact wasn't excavated on our land; unless it poses a threat to Fiore, I see no reason behind confiscating it. However they want us to run through some battle plans before we send out troops, the only thing is that it's the entire world against us." His gaze was steadily ahead of himself as Naderie looked at him, a slight frown on her face until she glanced back away from him and ahead of herself, too.

    "Well, if the Magic Council wants to go to war against the country that has the item, wouldn't you think it poses as a threat to us? After all, the Magic Council knows what's best for the magic guilds in Fiore; obviously, they are aware that this item is a dangerous thing," she retorted.

    "The Magic Council has been nothing more than a nuisance to this country; they have caused more damage to Fiore than necessary. Why should I listen to them?" he inquired.

    "I'm not saying you have to listen to them, but that's the logic I've always seen. If that's an issue, then perhaps the Magic Council is the issue?" Naderie asked. "You're the one who appointed those in the Magic Council, no? You have the power to remove them, Alaric; it's quite clear to me what the issue is."

    "The people of Fiore have no issues with those currently in the Magic Council; unless the people are throwing riots over them, I will not remove them. We'll just go ahead with the battle plans and hope for the best, but I can't lose Rune Knights because of the Magic Council's own fear and inability to do things for themselves."

    She moved closer to the king, pressing herself against his side as they walked and looking up into his eyes, "you're not listening to what I'm saying. So, listen!" The man in her grasp twitched, as if a switch had been flipped in his brain, a switch that Naderie had flipped with just a few persuasive words.

    "No, you're right. The Magic Council is an issue and I should remove those that are in office; in fact, that will be one of the first things that I do. You've shown me that the Magic Council is corrupt in their ways an that problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent anymore issues."

    "I'm glad that you're listening to what I'm saying now; I promise you that once all of this is over, things will be a lot better than they are now. Actually, I know a few people you should put in the Magic Council; these people actually know what they're doing and what they're getting themselves into. Do you trust me enough to let me appoint these people? Or would you like to appoint them for yourself? I'm perfectly fine with either option," Naderie stated softly.

    "I'd like to appoint them myself or let my wife do it when she returns home It would look much better, and besides, I can't let the public know of you."

    Naderie huffed and sighed longingly, pulling herself dramatically away from the man, "why don't you just dump her already, you never loved her as much as you do me."

    "You know that I can't do that, Naderie; I have three children with her that we both need to raise, and you're so young still. I don't want to put that kind of stress on you when you have a whole life ahead of you yet; I may only have a few years left, myself."

    She rolled her eyes and stopped walking, watching Alaric until he realized that she was no longer by his side like she had been. "Should I even be here? You act more like I'm a burden to you than someone who is willing to be by yourself through thick and thin. Clearly, I'm just a bother and I don't even know why I try to help you. Just like you, I only wanted what's best for the country; I'm not trying to hurt it."

    "Naderie. . ." Alaric began, though he was not able to even begin his sentence with the hurt look that was in her blue eyes.

    Gritting her teeth, the woman turned away from him and began heading briskly back down the hallway and into the bedroom they were first in.

    The second the door closed, Marceline dropped the disguise that she wore and stared out the open window with narrowed eyes and hate filling the red of her irises. "That stubborn fool will realize that no matter what he does, he cannot get rid of me. I will corrupt this place until it is ours and Master has control of it. The country will be ours before he even realizes and when he does, it will be far too late for him to do anything to stop us." A smirk splayed devilishly across her lips, breaking into a wide smile before laughter began to fill the air with its high, chime-like sound. However, the laughter was quickly cut short when a soft knock came against her door, though she only figured it would be Alaric.

    Swiftly, the woman changed forms, shifting into what could be considered a rather young, blonde-haired, green-eyed fairy. "Father, are you in there?" a man's voice called out, the doorknob jiggling until it popped up and the door swung open.

    To understand the nature of the people,
    one must be a prince, and to understand
    the nature of the prince, one must be of
    the people.

    Marissa stared back at the prince of the castle, wide-eyed and wondering what it was that he wanted from her. She didn't say anything and neither did the teen, who was, just as she was, staring back at her with wide eyes. Carefully, she took a step back toward the open window, stepping out onto the balcony in fear the prince would attack her for intruding. It was hard to tell that she didn't belong in the castle though, not with the ruffled, nearly shredded rags she wore for a dress. Yet, an inkling of fear coursed over her body and her mind went rampant with all the things he could do to her if he found out. "P-please don't hurt me, Master," she called out in her childlike voice, of which was soft and tinkling like a bell. "I was only exploring and got myself lost; I just wanted to see what the castle looked like compared to its kitchen."

    "I-I'm not going to hurt you, I promise; I just wasn't expecting to see you in my father's room," the prince responded. "If you'd like, I can show you the way back to the castle's kitchen. You can memorize the route that way so if you get lost again you won't need anyone's help. I'm guessing that you're a new servant my father just hired into the staff? Don't worry, before long, you'll have this place mastered." He reached a hand out toward her, beckoning for her to come grab it and follow him along to wherever he was bound to take her. However, the girl only took a step farther back onto the balcony, standing at its center between the flowing curtains and the railing.

    "I don't want to go..." she very nearly wailed, her voice soft and trembling, her bottom lip jutting out as it quivered. "I'm scared to go; they're mean to me down there. They say rude things to me and hit me with the brooms."

    Tears welled up in her eyes, her hands moving to clasp and wring at each other as she stared at the waiting hand of the prince. "Please don't make me go back, Master," she whimpered, her reddened eyes dripping tears of fear as she pleaded with him.

    The prince sighed and dropped his hand, walking into his father's room and toward the balcony she was standing on. "Don't call me Master; in fact, I don't really like being called that. My name is Kimbahim, but you're welcome to just call me Kimba."

    She sniffled a little and took a step forward, stepping back into the room and looking around at her surroundings. "You're nice," she stated, grabbing hold of his hand as he outstretched it once more and letting him lead her to the corridors. "I expected everyone in the castle to be mean to me with how the staff treated me; I'm glad to know you aren't what I expected."

    Kimba smiled down at her, pulling her along the hallway and keeping her close at his side while they walked. "Mind telling me your name? I like knowing the staff around the castle more than just calling them by their titles." His gaze wandered away from her and ahead of himself, letting her thinking for herself for a while and not pressuring her to answer him.

    "Marissa. . . My name is Marissa Copeland," she answered him, turning her head slightly look back up at him. "I come from a rather rich family; I used to be a star in the opera shows until my parents decided I had to live on my own. Since I had nowhere else to go after being kicked out of my home, the King found me and placed me under his service in exchange for roofing. To be honest, I didn't think I'd be treated so horribly from the start, the staff here is vicious and cruel toward newcomers."

    "Is that why all of your clothing is torn and shredded? Our staffing is supposed to be kind to each other and helpful," Kimba broke out, a frustrated expression on his face. "I'll have to have a word with my father about that because there's no way he'll let such rowdiness happen in the staffing. Thank you for informing me of such a thing; I assure you that the staffing here will be taken care of and if worse comes to worse, we'll just hire new people." The magus pulled her in close and gave her a reassuring squeeze around the shoulders and ruffle of the hair before moving away from her.

    Marissa smiled and giggled a little, "thanks, Kimba; I did't know how much longer I would've been able to take the bullying before I just up and quit. Honestly, I would have much preferred just living on the streets at this point if the bully didn't stop soon enough."

    "As Prince and Heir to the throne, it is my duty to assure that the people of my kingdom are happy and well, even the staff within the castle," he responded. A cheery image appeared on his face and he looked back down at her, the smile bright enough that it squinted his eyes and wrinkled the sides of his mouth.

    "So, what is it exactly that your father and you do around here? Does he really just sit in his throne room all day like the servants complain?" Marissa inquired.

    "Oh, no. . . there's lots of things that my father and I do around here; you see, since I'm heir to the throne, he has to teach me how to lead this country. So, it's my duty to attend the meetings that he goes to and give my input on things that are spoken about in there, so that I, too, may learn the ways of kingship," Kimba replied to her.

    "I see. . . that sounds all rather boring. . . how long are you two often in those meetings for?" she would ask next.

    "It depends on the situation that's being spoken about; sometimes, we're in there for a few minutes, other times we're in there for hours," Kimba stated softly. "I can't say much about it, unfortunately; matters that happen in the throne room stay in the throne room unless otherwise told."

    "Oh, well, thank you for telling me, I was just curious and didn't mean to pry so much on matters that were meant to be kept secret," Marissa apologized.

    A hunter must stalk his
    prey until the hunter
    becomes the hunted.
    Then the prey becomes
    the predator. Then the
    predator and the
    hunter fight.

    The duo reached the kitchen, causing their small talk to end and the prince to bid his farewell before taking off. Marissa huffed in exasperation as she turned around and entered the kitchen, quickly overwhelmed by the scent of breakfast. It was by now that she had thought the king would be missing her, but in a busy place such as this, she simply just couldn't shift. Looking around, Marissa glanced at all the plates of food that would eventually be brought up to the dining hall for the king and her. Sighing, she moved away from the door and headed into the depths of the kitchen, where she could hear the bustle of servants. Now, she would have to keep up this act until she was able to return to the dining hall and join sides with the king. Honestly, it made her wonder a bit what he was thinking up there on his own and if she even crossed his mind.

    "Marissa!" the chef yelled to her, causing her to jump in her place and looking around for the man with the gut full of beer. A plate was very nearly smashed into her face, in which she grabbed quickly and balanced it on one hand. Another came at her from the other side, which she grabbed as well and balanced on her only other free hand. "Take those plates up to the dining hall for the king and his guest; don't be late either or you'll get a whooping from the broom."

    "Yes, sir! Right away, sir!" she answered in a voice that would have been spoken by an inferior to a superior. That had been a lot easier than planned, but she figured if she didn't return after bringing the plates to the king, she might get a good one. Without sticking around much longer, the young girl scurried off and out of the kitchen to the dining hall of the king.

    Ducking through the door, Marceline glanced around the hallway, then headed in the direction she and the king had been going. It wouldn't be long before she reached the dining hall out of breath, forced to stand at the door and catch it before going in. Once she was ready, she entered and made her way over to where the king was seated unhappily in his chair. "Good morning, sire! I do hope that this meal is a delight for you!" she exclaimed in a happy tone, setting the plate down in front of him.

    "Have you seen my guest at all? They were supposed to come to the dining hall with me, but something happened," he explained to her.

    Marissa glanced up from the plate and took a step back, looking around the room to avoid eye contact with the king. "I'm sure they'll come. Would you like me to go get them for you? Tell them that breakfast is ready to eat?"

    "Yes, if you will, Marissa; thank you," he replied.

    She gave a small nod and disappeared out of the room, closing the door behind her and heaving a breath of relief. "Okay, Marcy, you can do this... for Master," she muttered to herself, shifting into a much more slender and voluptuous physique. Quickly dusting the gown that she now wore, the woman turned around and opened the doors to the dining hall again. It was then that the king would glance up from his plate and a soft smile spread across his lips in mere happiness. "No matter what, I would never abandon you; I just needed a bit of time to myself before I decided to come back." Marceline returned the smile to the king and strode over to the table, taking a seat next to him instead of the queen's seat. There was a plate she had brought in settled in front of her and she stared down at it in silence for a moment.

    "So, I was thinking. . . would you mind helping me out with the battle plans? The admiral of the Rune Knights will be there as well. I figured an outside view wouldn't be too hurtful; I'd just hope that you'd know not to go spreading the information anywhere," Alaric spoke up.

    Naderie blinked and looked up from her plate as he spoke, a little wide-eyed at the offer that he had made. "Well, I appreciate the offer, my love. I would be more than grateful to you for letting me help you on such an endeavor. However, I don't know much about battle plans; I've never made any in my entire life. My father never let me go in the meeting room. Not being able to know what to do, I doubt I'd be of much help to you. The best that I could do is just stand there and look pretty."

    "It doesn't matter much; sometimes, having fresh eyes look at the battle plans is a lot more helpful than you may know. You might not know much, but it's that kind of thing that let's us see any potential flaws that may be in our plan."

    Digging into her food, she nodded her head and took a bite of it, beginning to feast on the delicacies the chefs made. It would be a while before she would be brought into the planning room, so savoring the food was the least of her worries. Besides, she didn't know what to expect in that room and who knew what the Rune Knights in there would do. She had to keep her cool if she wanted to make sure that she wasn't instantly caught by the Rune Knights for being a known and wanted criminal. Sighing, Marceline took a swift bite of her food again and topped the plate off, finished with what food had still been on there. "I'm worried, Alaric. What if the Rune Knights in that room know that I'm not supposed to be in there or even in the castle?"

    "Don't worry about it, Love, the Rune Knights won't give two shits about you as long as I'm in control in the room," Alaric answered in reassurance.

    Corruption is a tree,
    whose branches are of
    immeasurable length: they spread
    Ev'rywhere; and the drew that drops
    from thence hath infected some
    chairs and stools of authority.

    As the day pursued, Naderie was taken to a small room located in the bowels of the castle, where a group of Rune Knights surrounded a table. She stared quietly at them with wide-eyed, blue eyes, waiting for one of them to see right through her disguise. However, they only looked at her with mild stubbornness and an expression of frustration plastered to their faces. Not saying a single word to any of them, Naderie followed Alaric to the seat that he would take at the table. On one hand, she could have sat down in the chair next to him, but out of respect to the others, she merely stood behind him. Her slender hands were placed on her shoulders, her mouth still tightly knit shut as she waited for the meeting to commence. One thing was certain, the atmosphere in the room was not one that she liked, even in the castle she was considered home to.

    Her fingers curled into the muscles of his shoulders, her eyes staring across at none other than the admiral in the seat over. Quickly, she dropped her gaze and the rise of voices took over the room, pushing out the intimidating atmosphere she felt. Breathing in deeply, the woman quietly listened to those that were speaking, waiting for something to be spoken wrongly. They discussed the potential of being ambushed in various places of the countries they decided to station Rune Knights at. It wasn't something that was interesting to her, but considering she had been let in here, she would keep the battle plans in mind. After all, every ounce of information from this room could be considered blackmail her guild could use against the king. With that kind of blackmail at hand, they would easily be able to take control of the castle and soon after, the kingdom.

    "A supply line should be placed there," Alaric's voice broke through the crowd, the gruffness enough to grab her attention. Her eyes flicked down to the table, which was a wide map of Earthland that had grooves and nooks to replicate the landscapes. All that had been discussed had been laid out on the table with miniature replicas of people and carts meant for supplies. She grazed her eyes over it, trying to lock it in her mind and keep it for later information if the master ever needed it.

    "But wouldn't that be a weak point there," she spoke up, "that's too close inland for the ships to be going there. You wouldn't want to risk the chance of archers or the inland troops heading toward there to blockade the ships from leaving." One of the men coughed and she looked up at them, seeing the admiral looking away from the battle plans at hand.

    "She's right; it's far too risky as important of a supply line that is; we should keep them to shores in case the troops have to fall back," he interrupted.

    Marceline smirked and took a step back, crossing her arms over her chest in a satisfactory manner for having done something right. Well, aside from the fact that she didn't know what she was doing, but hey, she had guessed right on that matter. Her arms quickly dropped to her sides and she walked momentarily around the table to get a full view of it. They're quite dumb really, all these battle plans; it's like these men don't know what they're doing with themselves. I wonder if it's possible they're making terrible battle plans in the sake over taking down the Magic Council in the process? Wouldn't that technically ruin their chance of their troops survival though? He can't possibly be doing such a thing, she thought to herself. Returning to her place behind the king, the woman continued to stare down at the map and wondered what was going on.

    Her eyes narrowed again, concentrating on all of the possibilities of what the hell they were doing with this plan. All of it didn't make sense to her in the least bit and unlike what she had said to Alaric, she knew how to make battle plans. A frown appeared on her lips, but she didn't bother the men anymore, rather she kept to herself the rest of the time. Perhaps now would be the best time to stop paying attention as much as it was nice to listen in onto battle plans. They were haywire with what was going on, as if they were attempting to make a mass suicide mission for the Rune Knights. "I think I'll go rest in my chambers, I'm not feeling that well," Naderie used the excuse to make her way out of the room.

    "No, no, stay with us; you've been helping a great deal with this, Naderie. Clearly, you do know what you're doing," Alaric stated in a cold tone of voice.

    It wasn't something that had slipped her attention either; no, she had caught the coldness of his voice toward her. "No, I think I really must go; I'm not feeling well at all," she stated again, moving toward the door in an attempt to leave. However, two of the Rune Knights had moved in toward the door, blockading her way from leaving the room. "Please, Alaric," her voice wavered, "what are you doing? Tell your men to move so that I may turn in to my chambers." She took a step back from where she stood, the men unmoving from their places as they stared at her in silence. Marceline was backed up into a wall, pressed against it as the men moved forward from some unseen command by someone. Her eyes flicked between the men, then flicked, her fingers curling against the wall as fear overwhelmed her body and released the toxins of her death magic.

    Slowly around her, the walls began to tremble and quake in her wake, crumbling at the slightest touch of her hands. Her eyes cracked open to stare at the men, who now had swords raised and pinned at her neck, ready to kill her.

    Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?

    You, don’t you think you can corrupt me in the least bit, you vile creature,” Alaric proclaimed, standing to his feet and turning toward her. “Your wiles will not get to me, your seduction is just a game to get me in bed so you can corrupt me; your time here is over. It’s hilarious to think that you actually thought I was falling for all those tricks of yours. . . well, you thought wrong, Naderie. You thought wrong. Leave this place, demon, for you are no longer welcome here. . .” The hostility in his voice was unwelcoming as she had ever heard it to be.

    She opened her mouth partially and shook her head slightly, “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Alaric; please stop all this nonsense.” Marceline glanced from one Rune Knight to the next warily, then up to the king in complete confusion about the ordeal. How had he managed to see through her disguise? It had been going well for so long and suddenly, it was as if all her work went down the drain.

    The color of her hair began to fade into a raven black, the vibrant, living skin of her body turning to a sickly shade of gray. Her eyes doubled over, their pretty blue hues shifting to a menacing shade of black where the white was meant to be and the irises shadowing over with red. She pressed off the wall and hissed at the Rune Knights, causing the men to take a step or two back before they hunched themselves down and raised their weapons higher. “Y-you can’t know, you must be faking all of this! No one has ever been able to get past my persuasion spells, ever!” she hissed at Alaric. Paled lips were curled up in a snarl, red eyes flicking back and forth to watch the men with raised swords in front of her. A snap of a finger echoed in her ears and before she knew it, swords had quickly impaled through her body, pinning her to the wall. Marcy writhed in pain and screamed grabbing hold of the blade of one sword and ripping it out of her body, tossing it away.

    Eventually, she dropped to the ground and pulled herself back up to her feet, glaring at the king and his men, then flicked both hands out at her sides. What smelled like rotting flesh and bursting organs began to fill the room, overwhelming the men’s senses until they wanted to pass out. It was interesting to say the least in her eyes, watching the men fight the urge to pass out from the overwhelming smell of the mist. However, they were still standing, they just happened to lack the swords that were needed to kill her off and likely wouldn’t get anywhere now. Shifting her weight, the woman moved the mist closer together in one area, warped around the royalty and kingsguard to suffocate them. “I just wanted what was best for the country,” she repeated the words she had spoken to Alaric earlier, looking hurt over it. “That’s all I. . . all we ever wanted. . . Don’t you see? We would have made this country good, too, better than if you ruled.

    Her eyes wandered back to the Rune Knights, then she upped the effects of her aura, watching as it melted away the armor of the men. “Keep your men at bay or your men will be the last of your worries,” she uttered, glancing back at the man that still stood. Alaric’s gaze shifted between the two Rune Knights in front of him and the men that were huddled in the back, waiting for a command. He frowned momentarily, but then waved his hand, telling his men to back down and give her room so that she could leave. “There’s no point in fighting, you’d all end up dead anyway. When you decide to make this country better again, hit me up.” With that being said, the woman stepped to the side and headed toward the doorway, fighting the urge to glance back at them. She paused for a moment, then snapped her fingers, a series of spikes rising up from the ground and impaling many of the Rune Knights, sparing the king and the admiral.

    One day, this kingdom will be ours and I will assure you that you will watch as your world around you crumbles into our hands,” she stated, then disappeared.

    If there is true
    evil in this world,
    it lies in the heart
    of mankind.


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