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    Thomas the uspecified method of transportation


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    Thomas the uspecified method of transportation Empty Thomas the uspecified method of transportation

    Post by Duckley 21st October 2016, 9:16 am

    ''Oooone .. twoooo.. threeeee.. aaaaaaand!! DUUUUDE!!'' Ganch fllung his hands up in disapointment as the terrified suit wearing man once again hopped away from the entrance of the door in fear.... The job clearly said to get a guy onto a train now when he read that he'd just figured easy money, but it turns out that the money wasn't as easy as he'd expected. The lanky suit wearing man was physically shaking from just being near the train let alone setting foot on it, Even getting him to the train station in the first place had been a ultimate test of patience and now it was being followed up by this shit??

    ''Cmon man it's not that bad, just get on it and it i'll be over before you even have time to panic'' Ganch said in an unusually serious tone of voice.. normally he tried to have fun with theese kinds of jobs, and he had...
    but counting sweatdrops and nervous spazms was only fun for so long and after fourty minutes the mere sight of the guy had become a massive eyesore..

    ''Yeah that's what im afraid of!!!!! One second im fine and then BOOM!! my head's in the trashcan.. Im totally gonna die'' The man stressed for what he'd counted to be approxamitely the thirty fourth time since they got to the station...

    Ganch scratched his head as he looked over to the shivering, possibly traumatized man.. I mean Ganch didn't really like trains either.. what with him being able to fly and all that, but this was just getting pretty ridiculous, and not in a funny way. If just the job would've allowed him to pick the guy up by his underpants and thrown him in.. underpants.. Ganchs eyes lit up as he let his eyes focus on the shivering pair of sticks that some people would call legs.. His dumb nonsense analogies had given him an idea...

    ''Can we just go now??'' The man complained as he looked up at the time table on the wall. Only five minutes till the train left. But Ganch wasn't concerned, no whatever plan he'd managed to cook up was GOING to work.. at least that's what he thought.

    And so he looked over to the shivering man and let out a nonchalant sounding.. ''Sure..''.

    The shaky guy didn't seem to belive him at first.. As he gave the mage a suspicious look only to slowly tiptoe towards the exit.. And when he was sure that Ganch wasn't lying, he turned his back and darted for the exit at top speed.

    With a smile Ganch put his plan into action, casting his signature green line behind him as he quickly flew up to the escaping client. Now the guy was running pretty fast, but Ganch was Flying way faster and it only took a second or two before he'd reached his target, And so with one swift motion, he lightly held the mans belt in between his index finger and his thumb. Only to in one swift powerful motion pull it right off.

    A series of loud gasps was heard as the shaky man's black suitpants dropped to the ground revealing a pair of white speedoes.. ''Uhh.. i-i-i-its laundry day at home..'' he said as his face turned completely red. ''now where is that fucking belt..'' he awkwardly mumbled as he looked down, up left right, and finally behind.

    And there Ganch was, floating right infront of the train door grinning at the guy with a very familiar piece of leather resting in his hands..

    ''HEY!!'' The shaky guy shouted in a mix of anger and embarrasment, only to pull his pants up to his ankles and sprinting towards the floating belt thief.

    But Ganch didn't move as the aggrovated businessman barreled towards him. No instead he just floated there, letting the crucial piece of clothing hang inbetween his fingers, until finally when the shaky guy was just about to grab it, He threw it into the train behind him. And while the shaky guy tried his best to stop his momentum was just too great, besides he really needed that belt. So like a true hero he stumbled right onto the train, quickly grabbing his belt only to turn around and see a pair of closed doors behind him.. And on the other side, stood Ganch trying his best to keep himself from laughing his as off As he watched the shaky guys expression go from Happy, to fucking furious in half a second.

    And only when the train was long out of the station did he feel comfortable with exploding out into a loud cackle.. Man This job had actually been pretty good after all... And he hadn't even gotten to the best part yet.. Getting paid.

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