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    Borderline prostitution.


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    Borderline prostitution. Empty Borderline prostitution.

    Post by Duckley 20th October 2016, 1:23 pm

    Ganch adjusted the collar of his newly purchased suit before giving a big reassuring smile towards the squeaky clean window of the ''fancy'' restaurant. Nodding to himself in pride as he for about the fifth thime this evening reassured himself that he was indeed ''on point'' The pitch black suit complete with equally red pants and a loosy tied green tie that rested around his neck like some sorta failed suicide attempt.. heck he'd even decided to snazz out his signature aviator cap with a little bit of bling.. Now said bling was actually just some black cloth that the clothing store lady had thrown over his head in frustration when he refused to take it off but hey, at least it made him look less like a homeless world war one veteran.  

    Now Ganch wasn't the type of guy that liked dressing up, especially not for his normal nights out in rose gardens, considering the fact that those usualy ended up with him covered in unknown liquids in a dumpster outside of his favourite wine bar. Wich was coincidentally the place that he'd chosen for this very special occasion.. mostly because he still had a free evening of dinner to cash in on after saving the guy from shipping a thousand litres of literall piss.   Besides he couldn't afford to spend any more money considering the blow that this suit had taken to his budget, usually his money lasted since all he really spent it on was rice crackers and booze.

    But his poor business decicions were soon to be completely and utterly validated as he saw a certain job giver strolling down the street.. Ooooooh boy had it been worth the money.. Long flowing brown hair, beautiful eyes, and TITS LIKE A.. uhhh i mean....   Ganch tried to keep his head out of the gutter as he straightened his back and floated over to the lady of the hour.. This wasn't just his first date in like two years but it was proffessional work.. Yeah.. it really did sound weird but he was getting paid for this.. Moral conflicts aside however he floated right up to her and extended his hand  

    ''Hello there im Aviantus Ganch.. And if i was supposed to remember yours then you can consider me fired'' The Mage said jokingly as he kept on the constant struggle of not bending his neck forwards and burying his face like some sorta sex offender ostrich..    The girl seemed to be taken back a little by the fact that her date was floating but Ganch almost visibly sighed of relief as she gave him her name..  ''Mary jane huh??'' he said trying to seem genuinely interessted in anything but the grand canyon infront of him.. A little dribble of sweat started to trickle down his forehead as he tried to think of something to say.. and every second he didn't say anything he could ''I gueeesss that's why you're so intoxicating huh'' He blurted out as he completely failed to say something remotely funny or interessting and it showed on the girls face that she'd heard that one more than a million times.. ''Damn.. i reminded myself not to say that one.. but you just seem to REDUCE MY SHORT TERM MEMORY''


    And there he sat.. on the ground, with a bleeding nose looking down in the ground giggling to himself... heh..'' short term memory..''  needless to say he immediately considered the job a complete and utter failure.. untill the day after when his hungover head was blessed with a little white envelope lying in the pocket of his puke stained suit....

    ''Dear Avianus Gland...  Thank you for showing me that there are some people that are even more despicable than me. You might be a sad fuck but im not anymore..  have you ever considered writing a biography?? Cause that would be a real tear jerker.

    Bye asshole, Mary Jane''
    He read out loud to himself.....  

    ''Heh.. Avianal..''

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