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    For the People! (job)

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    For the People! (job) Empty For the People! (job)

    Post by Shipping Goddess 12th August 2016, 3:40 am

    Ah Hargeon town. A bustling city that people go to for its ports and its food. Today Lilian was here for neither of those reasons.

    While at her home, she got a message hailing from Hargeon. It said that the CoH foundation wasn't raising as much money as they used to, and requested immediate parley with Lilian, considering she herself played a small role in founding the charity. So there she went, flying on Marshmallow's back until they smelt the salty sea air, then marshmallow ascended higher than it already was to avoid attracting too much attention. Finally they landed on the CoH building, and Lily went downstairs through a door on the roof.

    Finally reaching the full downstairs after a while of walking, she greeted two people, both of which she met before. The clerk, whom knew Lily from her continuous visits, and the doctor, Lily's very own brother.

    "Sister, it's been so long! How is the family business holding up?" The doctor said to Lilian.

    "I wouldn't call it the 'family business,' Gerome, it's more like a 'family tradition' of becoming a wyvern flier. A tradition you didn't partake in..." Lilian said to her brother.

    Gerome Truth was a man two years older than Lilian, with short green hair, green eyes and the build of a stereotypical doctor or scientist. Didn't help he wore a labcoat.

    "Alright Doctor Truth, you can go upstairs now. I'll debrief your sister." With that Gerome went upstairs, leaving the clerk and Lily alone. "We haven't been raising much money here at the Children of Hope... And that means we can't buy enough supplies, food, etc. I fear what will happen to the kids! So I need you, a mage, to rouse the attention of the people. Use your magic in any way possible!" The clerk said.

    Lily began to tear up, knowing that these kids were all subjected to birth defects that made them unable to perform normal functions, or just needed constant medical attention. She needed to do this.

    Lilian went outside, and called for Marshmallow. Seconds later the wyvern crashed down next to her. This already got the attention of a lot of people. She took a bag from Marshmallow's saddle, and placed it on the ground, and started yelling as loud as she could.

    "People of Hargeon!!! I, and my wyvern friend here, are going to put on a show for you! This will benefit this hospital behind me!!! I suggest no one to steal the money I make, should I make some, because my wyvern here doesn't like thieves. I won't see the money until the show is done, however. So without further ado..." Lilian hopped on the saddle and skyrocketed. She went high enough so she knew her spells wouldn't hurt the people, but low enough that they could still see her.

    "Wings of Righteousness!" Marshmallow's wings began glowing white, and left lines as if it were almost actually cutting the air, but it wasn't. Lilian had a plan. "Alright girl, this may sting a bit but you know i would never hurt you. Flames of Purity!"

    Lilian's hands glowed orange, but she weakened the magic. She shot a ball of flames onto Marshmallow's right wing, then activated her lineage and shot the ball of darkness onto Marshmallow's left wing. Now in the sky it looked like a being of light and darkness, but not for long.

    Lilian took hold of the reigns with both hands instead of just one, then commanded Marshmallow to fly up, then curved downward, then go to the right. Next they did a complete loop da loop. Lastly Liliam flew upwards, back downwards, diagonally to the right, up, then downwards again. The product of this was letters written in black and orange: CoH. Lily then commanded Marshmallow to fly much, much higher than the CoH below them. She cast another spell, her ice spell, on Marshmallow's wings. The two instantly fell, but this is what Lily was waiting for.

    As soon as they fell above the CoH, Marshmallow flapped its wings HARD, and shattered the ice, this created a stardust type of effect that rained down from the sky onto the people below. Lily wanted to do one last trick.

    "Marshy you better catch me!" Lily said as she slid off the saddle, arms open as if she were flopping back onto a bed. She fell a hundred feet, until she was able to hear humans yelling for her safety. Finally, with a whistle, Marshmallow dived down as fast as possible, and grabbed Lily in its mouth by her shirt. Flipping Lily up to the saddle now, the people started feeling a bit calmer. Lily and the wyvern flew down, and landed to greet a much larger crowd than before, and to see the bag was nearly topped with jewels. She saw her brother in the doorway, giving a thumbs up. Lily was content with her actions. Today was a good day.


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