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    Deliver Girl Job

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Deliver Girl Job Empty Deliver Girl Job

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 5th August 2016, 7:02 pm

    Mongolia was one of the bigger settlements within fiore, somewhere known for it’s festive air and almost sickening overflow of happiness. However more recently? If the rumors Jiyu had gotten ear of happened to be true, it was now home to a new Dark Guild, well not a new one, Fairy-Tail was still settled down in the town, but she’d heard here and there, that they had been made into a Dark Guild for some reason. In truth the wind mage could care less, she didn’t really need to know too much about what had happened to the world for the two years she was held captive, did not want to know the things that passed her by! Kazehime knew that the other guilds status wouldn’t even matter unless she encountered someone from the Guild, too bad she didn’t know it was impossible since they weren’t actually in the area anymore. Sometimes it was so sad to realize how much the two years in captivity had taken away from her, the things she did not and may never know, just because someone decided to snatch her off a bench outside the old guild hall in bosco! “Huh?”

    The bruised mage looked up and away from her internal thoughts or whatever was going on with her, only to see something strange in the middle of the road. As she got closer to the scene? Jiyu came to realize it was a mail truck which had run out of magical power and still had a decent load to give, to deliver those on time, someone would really have to run. “Can You Help Me” of course, ask any nearby mage to deliver precious letters for you, well it was a rare chance for Jiyu, not so much because of the task but due to the opportunity to showcase her speed without potentially overlooking an enemy that could later bash her over the head.

    “Yeah, it’ll be done quick.” well not as quick as later may be possible, but the female knew she’d be able to sprint the letters to their destinations quicker than the mailman ever could! With those words, and of course being given the letter’s, Jiyu was off, sprinting down streets in Mongolia, almost knocking people over as she wildly ran, turning on her heel, jumping on things and pushing the limit she could go. Regrettably the mage had forgotten the state her body was actually in, so Kazehime was sure as heck going to feel this when the next morning came, but for now she was just enjoying running without any worry of something bad happening.

    “There we go.” the male looked entirely shocked with his jaw dropped towards the girl with one side of her face scraped up. “What I am a mage after-all, plus I’m fast, soo, not that hard.” she rolled her eyes as she spoke, turning around with a simple wave of her hand, before he shouted out to her again, she hadn’t really heard what was said thought, Jiyu had been walking away after all. However she figured it out, when he gave her some of his money, well it was a bonus and it had been a job of sorts so she had no reason to refuse the reward, waving again before finally walking away entirely.


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