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    Find those Puppies Judia!


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    Find those Puppies Judia! Empty Find those Puppies Judia!

    Post by JudiaLaw 13th July 2016, 8:21 pm

    Job Info:

    Judia had taken up three jobs for the week that she assumed would fill her time. One in Rose Garden, another in Oak Town, and the one she was doing now, in Magnolia Town. She decided to do this one first as it seemed to be the hardest one. Apparently some job owner had lost a number of puppies in the town. It wasn't really an uncommon occurrence, plenty of people misplace their animals and such around the area. My, she recalled seeing at least 5 other request pinned to the board about the event. The mans name was a mister "Sorken Skcus" strange name. From what he had said, there were five adorable missing puppies. Each of them had on different colored colors with different names on the tags. The first one Judia had decided to look for was one named "Xyle". Xyle was a playful pup, and one of the fastest if not the fastest of the whole nuch of escapees. However, he was still young and a tad naive. All she would need was to understand how to capture it. The first thing Judia decided to do was utilize screens of her Archive magic. There was a list of areas that each of the puppies had been spotted in that Sorken had so kindly handed her, and they were about to make this specific mission much easier.

    The first area was a little south of a collection of homes in Magnolia Town. Xyle had been spotted after he had stolen food from a young boys eleventh birthday party. This wasn't a guarantee he was in the area, but it did seem to imply a few things. For one, Xyle liked food, meaning that Judia could bait him.


    Find those Puppies Judia! Cdwqok10

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