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    Tag! (Job)


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    Tag! (Job) Empty Tag! (Job)

    Post by Elijah 11th July 2016, 3:32 am

    Job info:

    Playing tag with some kids, what kind of jobs did legal mages have to do to pay their rent. This was getting a tad bit weird, seeming more like usual chores or babysitting to be done. The fact that you possessed magic which was made to kill gods didn't matter, you were playing tag with this rowdy patch of kids if you wanted to pay your rent and to be considered a higher ranked mage. Why this seemingly made you stronger in the eyes of everyone didn't make sense to Elijah one bit, but i guess if it worked it worked and he could easily finish this kind of task. No problem on his side.

    Reaching the tiny orphanage, Elijah knocked on the door and a caretaker answered. She looked incredibly tired, with dark bags under her eyes and hair totally messed up, holding a toddler that was sucking a bottle. Guess taking care of a bunch of kids was exhausting work, not that the man would know, the closest he had ever been to little children, was when his brothers and sisters were born. That's when he saw babies, but even then, he wasn't allowed to touch them, to avoid any damage to them. Much good came from that obviously, a lot of the young ones are gone now, only the older siblings managed to survive, as they were trained to be mages, the others were trained to be politicians.

    Sighing due to his circumstances right now, Elijah's shook his head, trying to get these thoughts out not to deal with them, so to say, forget them. The man knew it would haunt him till the end of his days, but at least he could pretend it didn't happen or try to lock the thoughts away. But before he could delve deeper into how to get it away, the woman introduced him to the kids. There was nine of them, quite a lot actually, more than the man had expected. He thought there would have been like five little mongrels at max, but guess he was wrong.

    The kids didn't waste any time at all and ran outside, calling Elijah ''it''. Guess it was on then, the man wasn't going to let a few kids beat him in tag...or maybe he should, just to make them happy...nah, not this easily. If they learn to work for stuff, it will be much better. So the man ran after them, quite quickly finding one of the kids and tagging them. But to his dismay, the kid tagged him back, saying it's allowed, which all the kids agreed upon.

    ''This is going to be a long day''

    That it truly was, three long hours later, the kids wanted to stop, so Elijah walked inside and got a thank you hug, due to helping out, while she dealt with the smaller kids inside. It was nice, much nicer than the dark jobs he had done previously in his life, now all he did was watch kids, much more relaxing..and less deadly.

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