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    Osaki, The Two-Tailed Fox


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    Osaki, The Two-Tailed Fox Empty Osaki, The Two-Tailed Fox

    Post by Shakil on 6th July 2016, 11:07 am

    Osaki's Fox Form:
    Osaki, The Two-Tailed Fox Hiiro%2Bno%2Bkakera%2Bsleeping%2Bfox
    Name: Osaki, The Fox Spirit
    Rank: Weak
    Species: Two-Tailed Fox Spirit
    Type: Companion
    Description: Osaki was a lesser fox spirit given to Momoi when she first arrived at The Kistune Clan in Joya. Osaki is capable of speech, but only in a language which sounds like animal sounds to other people, but actual words to the Master, in this case, Momoi. Osaki had been assigned to watch over Momoi in her travels astray from home, deeming to be overprotective, easily provoked, and clingy, obviously attached to Momo.


    • Osaki's 'Human' Form:
      Osaki, The Two-Tailed Fox Kon_9899
      In the proper setting, Osaki can shift into a more humanoid-like form, requiring a setting with magical essence lurking about, powerful enough to meld into her human form. This enables Osaki to communicate to others by speech means.

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