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    In other news.... (Open, Lacrima televised Broadcast)

    Merlin Ambrosius
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    In other news.... (Open, Lacrima televised Broadcast) Empty In other news.... (Open, Lacrima televised Broadcast)

    Post by Merlin Ambrosius 20th June 2016, 10:15 pm


    Today as of the month of June, a blood drained corpse was found by the alleyway, residents report that the man was in fact a live a few days before, picking off money from the streets and the last time he was seen was that he had plans to head outside the city. Reports from the forensics team states that the few traces of blood found in scene match the genetic code of what appeared to be a vampire, hence the blood drained corpse reinforced that theory.

    However on the night of analysis, researcher Smy Octoven died in the lab, however it was suspected have happened under supernatural cases, however when Smy Octoven died, his dying message was the word "Deniel." Assumptions lead to believe that Deniel Thormun, one of the Kings of Ishval is the suspect, however there is clearly lack of evidence as witness seen him in Talonia when the murders happened. Mr. Thormun proved his innocence through means of a blood test, we go live to Dr. Paracelsus von Hohenheim for the results and this is what he said:

    "Well if you ask me, we've run a thorough examination and found no connection at all, even the blood node I developed confirms it (Blood node: reveals the true nature of the blood). Basically I'd say he's innocent but as far as this case goes, someone could have used Deniel's name as a diversion."

    Because of these incidents, security protocols of the Rune Knights Division was raised and....

    ... I just receive reports about a serial case of murders in both Era and in Rose Garden!
    According to report, it was only recent that there are approximately 4 victims, a woman, a dog and two guards who just so happened to be on routine, in Rose garden, a corpse of a rotten person was somehow cut to 57 pieces!  More news incoming in two hours, please stay tuned!


    [16:54:16]Dubhlainn : What does the name Hikaru mean?
    [16:54:27]Eclipse Valerie : Hikari means light o-o
    [16:55:04]Eclipse Valerie : I think Hikaru is like the male form of it? maybe..
    [16:55:34]Dubhlainn : So does that mean Hikaru is a transgender?
    [16:56:04]Eclipse Valerie : uhm o-o
    [16:56:08]Joan Blackheart : Lmao.
    [16:56:53] Merlin Ambrosius : 10 out of 10 would still bang.

    In other news.... (Open, Lacrima televised Broadcast) Merry_10

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