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    Gisou Ooi [WIP]


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    In Progress Gisou Ooi [WIP]

    Post by Akeya on 15th June 2016, 1:43 pm

    Gisou Ooi

    Legendary (+)


    Gisou Ooi, rather than being a set of real armour, is more of an outfit which possesses a couple of abilities. It consists of two parts, a rather exotic and elaborate loincloth and bra, made of midnight blue materials and decorated with talon-like adornments.


    • Gisou Ooi doesn't look like armour, which can be used to look vulnerable when one actually isn't.
    • The magic in Gisou Ooi has as special trait that it allows the attire to synchronize with the user. The primary effect is that if damaged Gisou Ooi will slowly repair itself, and that if the user somehow changes shape it will either accommodate that new shape or disappear until the user returns to a shape which could use clothes.


    • The appearance of being vulnerable isn't a complete lie. While Gisou Ooi provides more protection than one would expect from its appearance, it still doesn't cover a lot.
    • Even if it can repair itself Gisou Ooi can still be damaged.
    • The revealing nature of the outfit can also attract unwanted attention or give the wrong impression.

    Passively Gisou matches the primary colour of the one wearing it (determined by overall appearance. In Akeya's case it's almost always midnight blue thanks to her scales and hair). However this ability can be toggled to instead take on the colours of the surroundings, which basically turns it into a camouflage suit. When used like this it affects the entire body, meaning the entirety of Akeya will become camouflaged. Since it's not invisibility but camouflage she can still be seen while this ability is toggled, although seeing how she's camouflaged it's pretty difficult. However if this effect is combined with another ability which makes one hard to be seen it basically functions as full invisibility (in Akeya's case, if it's dark and she has this effect active she's just plain invisible).
    This ability only is active when Camouflage has been activated. While Camouflage is active Gisou Ooi also acts as a protection against magic that would hinder her movements. In effect this means that while Camouflage is active magic that


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