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    Deliver My Letter


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    Deliver My Letter Empty Deliver My Letter

    Post by Garlim 9th June 2016, 11:15 am

    Garlim gave a slight sniff at the air. The musty scent of a well-travelled town such as this was anything but appealing to him – but it certainly wasn’t any worse than Hargeon. The smell of a nearby bakery caused him to turn his head, his stomach giving a gentle grumble in a not so silent protest at its lack of being fed. His hand moved down to comfort it, holding his stomach through his white shirt.

    Although it had only been around eight hours now, it felt like he hadn’t eaten in days. Before leaving the port at Hargeon, with his newly acquired passport tucked safely in his back pocket, he had been treated to an all-expenses paid meal by a man who he had helped out – although he wouldn’t have called the job strenuous. Sipping wine and giving his honest opinion was well within his realm of abilities, weak as he was – but even he could feel his strength increasing with each passing day. While only a few weeks ago he would struggle to create even the slightest flash of his electrical power, he found himself summoning forth bolts and flashes as he pleased – much to the displeasure of anybody he happened to be with.

    But still, he had to grow stronger. Wizards outside of a guild could be easy prey for one of the Dark Guilds to pick up on, and although he had managed to stay beneath the radar so far, he wasn’t sure how long it would last. His magic wasn’t the most subtle, after all.

    ”Hey, you there!”

    Garlim turned on the spot with an exasperated look on his face. Why was it that everybody who needed something just yelled at him? ”Me?”

    ”Yeah, you! You look like you’re headed somewhere important – are you going to see the play?”

    Garlim’s eyebrow rose at the words, but the man seemed to take that as some kind of acceptance for him to approach. He waved an envelope around in Garlim’s face, and it was all that he could do to not blast the man with his magic – but it wouldn’t be worth it. Not so close to Fairy Tail, not so close to any other wizards who might notice him.

    ”I knew it! You see, I know the lead actress! Suki is an old friend of mine, and she’d definitely appreciate a letter like this – maybe enough to give a reward! And I bet it’ll be a big-“

    ”…Give me that letter.” Garlim snatched it from his hand before storming off in the other direction, making a beeline for the crowd that had gathered nearby. In his suit with his sunglasses perched upon his nose, he somehow managed to make his way through the crowd with relative ease. When he reached the front the bouncer looked him up and down, but didn’t let him past. It was then that Suki appeared, walking down the red carpet with her hands on her hips. She locked eyes with Garlim, but he didn’t need her attention – only her hand.

    ”Delivery for Ms. Suki – from an old friend,” he said, handing her the letter and holding out his other hand. Suki took it gingerly and looked at the name, before her face broke into a wide smile at recognising the handwriting. With a grin on her face she tapped the bouncer on the shoulder and motioned at Garlim.

    ”Pay him. Don’t be light on the tip.”

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