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    Tag! You're dead! [Private/Job]


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    Tag! You're dead! [Private/Job] Empty Tag! You're dead! [Private/Job]

    Post by Arata 19th May 2016, 6:55 pm

    Some... children had requested Arata played tag with them yesterday, and Famine had forced him to when he came back to the guild hall with the story. He had no idea why, he didn't want to embarrass himself, but alas, go against the guild master, and you will wind up absolutely dead. It left a bitter taste in Arata's mouth, but the hierarchy was something that simply could not be broken, Famine was the guild master, and would forever be the guild master until the was slain, or decided to pass on the title to someone else, and God knows that someone would not be Arata, it would be Famine's pet... Sol.

    Regardless, whining would accomplish absolutely nothing. Arata spit on the grass in disgust and looked around for the little children, soon spotting a group of kids who seemed to be someone from seven to ten. They were perfectly nice children, and killing them would accomplish nothing for Arata when it came to re-establishing the world's hierarchy, so he just waved innocently to the children, "You asked to play tag with me yesterday, and I passed up the opportunity... but maybe I could play today?" He asked, and the children giggled and nodded, one of them pressing their hand on his chest.

    "Tag, you're it!!!" The child giggled, and Arata smiled a fake smile, looking around for a kid to tag. They all dispersed and began to run as soon as Arata looked around, and they were giggling happily. Realizing that using his full speed would be no fun for the kids, Arata ran at half speed, and was still able to tag a child really easily. "Darn it!" The kid whined as Arata ran away, not caring about the game, but playing along regardless. The kid looked around and ran to a little girl with pink hair, hitting her lightly on the back-- she was it not.

    "Oh, darn!!!" The girl said in a shill voice, she clearly hated being tagged, so Arata let himself become an easy target, running on slightly faster than he normally walked. The girl saw a target in Arata and tagged him rather easily, running away with a giggle. These kids giggled too much, Arata decided, but he was not about to rip out their vocal chords because of it. He decided he would play only a little bit more, then he would head out, he had a life, he most definitely had things to do.

    A little bit turned into a lot, and Arata found himself playing with the kids for well over another hour, and when he noticed the time, he said, "Oh, dang it!" It seemed as though being around the kids had taken away his ability to curse. "I need to go, kids, so sorry!" He exclaimed, running off. This had been fun, sure, but he had better things to do than hang around with a group of little children who had no idea who he really was, even being with his guild was better than this.


    Tag! You're dead! [Private/Job] Arata_by_ravenart5-d9mu30e

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