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    Tag! Empty Tag!

    Post by Nadarr 16th May 2016, 12:59 am

    Tex Technol was back in magnolia after joining her new guild. She wanted a small break from signing so she can help the people on a more personal level. She was walking around Magnolia one day just finishing helping someone. She finished early so she decided to see the sites. As she got to the park she walked around looking at a large tree in the center of town, the levels blew on the tree calmly her white dress blowing in the breeze but then something happened that she wasn’t expecting to happen. She felt a tap on her arm. She looked down at a boy with three of his friends behind him. The boy gave a wide smile and looked at her. “Tag!” he would say happily looking at her then took a step back. She then looked a little confused and smiled “you better run!” She would say laughing then the boy and his friends ran away from her. She laughed happily and ran the grass feeling good on her bare feet. As she ran after the kids she smiled it had been a while since she has done anything like this and personally it felt good. She finally caught a boy playing the game smiling. “Tag your it” she then started to run away as the boy chased her and his friends She looked back seeing one of his friend getting tagged by him then he looked at her and started to run after her. She went wide eyed and started to run to the tree happily. The boy chasing her was a lot faster than she had thought. He was gaining ground on her and she was actually surprised. Then she got tagged again by the boy “Tag” He would yell then he would run off. Tex looked at them chuckling a little more As she turned around trying to catch one of the boy’s. She kept running towards them as they ran around trees and Zig zagged around her. Tex was actually having fun with this which was a nice change of pace rom all of the work she has been having to do lately. As she got closer he barley missed one of the boys and twirled around to catch herself with her hand so she didn’t eat a face full of dirt. She then pushed up soaring threw the air she was actually a lot stronger then she looked. As she landed she looked at the boy before her and smiled tagging him. “Tag your it” she laughed and the boy just smiled happily and started to chase her some more. This game went on well way longer then Tex thought about four hours passed of her playing tag with these small boys but then one said they had to go and the one who first tagged her smiled at her. “Thank you nice lady” he said starting to run home. Tex simply waved then laid down on the soft green grass smiling at what a fun day she had playing tag with those boys.

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