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    Farming for Undead


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    Farming for Undead Empty Farming for Undead

    Post by Thelonious 8th May 2016, 7:00 pm

    Theo got up, stretched and yawned as he looked at the little piece of paper on his bedside table. It informed him about a certain man who had a certain undead problem. Theo had no love for the undead, which was a perfect reason for him to accept this job. While the Cursed Lands weren't exactly the vacation destination of the year, they had some good places to train in and the Silent Cemetery was one of them. It was prudent that he had a companion with him so he had asked around and Selah had answered him, though he thought she may have done so on a mere whim more than anything else. He wasn't complaining however, having a memory make mage tag along with him would be quite useful. While he hadn't seen her in combat much, he had heard of her magic from books and was quite fascinated with it.

    Theo normally liked to travel alone so he had told her to meet him there. The way there was rather uneventful however, he had his new iLac to occupy his time. The thing was fascinating and held enough apps to keep even his ADD mind ocupied. So far his favorite app had been LacShoot, it was a simplistic game where he player had to shoot different colored lacrima at groups of lacrima with he same color. The goal of the game was to dispell as many groups of lacrima asked possible before time ran out. However he switched between that and a poker app, he loved card games in general but here was something about poker that was really addicting. He was so engrossed in his iLac that he almost missed his stop. He got out of the carriage he was in, paid the driver and waited at the gates of the cemetery for his companion, his face still glued to his iLac.

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