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    Gonna wrangle me up some jewels.

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    Gonna wrangle me up some jewels.  Empty Gonna wrangle me up some jewels.

    Post by Special Snowflake 5th May 2016, 9:58 pm

    The capital of the land was experiencing a most pleasant and prosperous day, that was until a titanic explosion rocked the inside the cities fortuitous walls. The streets and skies became filled with smoke as the streets became well acquainted with rubble as a dazzling red flash in a unique suit emerged from the wreckage of their conquest. The blur had a smug expression on their face, the bank was robbed, and those who dared to try and call for the Rune Knights were killed, or at least they anticipated they were killed, it was a big explosion after all. Too bad, if they hadn't actually rung the alarm none of this would have happened, but sadly now they were just corpses piled underneath some rubble. Looking down from the rooftop as some of the Rune Knight arrived, the red-haired girl debated about retreating, which would be the normal action in this instance, but no these Knight were going to die just like the animals inside which tried to stop her.

    Down in the street, a purple haired woman moved into the frontal position of the other knights within the area and pointed towards the red haired vagrant upon the roof top.

    "You there, you are under arrest for, robbery, theft, and murder!"

    "Ya'll thinkin' you can arrest me? Why I'm the best dang cowgirl around ya'hear. Now how about you get your pretty little ass up here, and we can get this hoedown underway!"

    Looking towards the other knights, the purple haired girl known as Lissica hopped up to the rooftop, "weaving" a couple of firearms into their hands, and then pointed them in the direction of the red haired scoundrel.

    "You really think people's lives are just some kind of game?"

    "Why of course I do! I mean I got this big bail of hay in my hand right now, it seems mighty worth it to me to do this robbery!"

    The red-haired girl mocking held the bag up, while Lissica attempted to fire upon her, though the redhead, like before, was too quick to simply fall for that trick.

    "Ya'l ain't nothing if ya can't even hit a pretty little girl like me!"

    The barrage of bullets continued, but just as the hailstorm was winding up, a "spark" hit behind Lissica, and the red-haired girl gave a devilish smile. A sword appeared in their hands, and with a great gusto, they flung it around straight into Lissica's back, and cleaved it directly upwards, slicing her right in twain. Looking down towards the shocked knights who saw their temporary commander killed, she winked and waved.

    "Now then, you folk should remember not to mess with me Sasha Martin, the greatest rodeo master this side of the river. Ya'll might have thought you were clever, but it looks like you got outmatched by once again Sasha Martin, that's S A S H A M A R T I N."

    Vanishing from their gaze "Sasha Martin" teleported off the roof and down into the back alley, and it was then that one could tell it wasn't actually Sasha Martin, but an imposter, Erika to be precise, and the one she killed, merely a clone of herself pretending to be one of the Rune Knights. The real Sasha Martin was probably somewhere else right now, doing something unimportant, well she would now enjoy being on the wanted posters, which no one the wiser. As for the money Erika simply weaved it into herself and would remake it when she got back to her actual home, but for now she would just slip away, all the while no one being able to tell the difference between the real and the fake, except for maybe the wanted poster being directed towards the real one. Of course before she left the alleyway rika would shape shift back into her more "normal" form, and blissfully whistle as others around the area were in a panic, and they tried to resuce the commander that had fallen. Two birds with one stone, and Erika made a bit of a profit too, imagine that, almost like she was a mastermind or something.


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