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    Mystery in Magnolia, The house of Spooks||Ravana||


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    Mystery in Magnolia, The house of Spooks||Ravana|| Empty Mystery in Magnolia, The house of Spooks||Ravana||

    Post by Nekros 22nd April 2016, 2:29 pm

    660 Words
    Enter a room, very dimly lit; The only source of light being several candles placed around the area. As one would enter, they would see books, scrolls, papers, and other forms of art or literature scattered throughout the room. From the shelves to the floors and even the desks, there was almost no free space.  This room was someones personal study. Pictures of them and their family rested on the walls, a personalized and rather expensive chair planted in the center of the room, facing a small fireplace in the back. On either side of the fire place were podiums, columns of stone that held human skulls on top, turned to face the chair.

    It was all very mysterious. The house itself resided on a hill of dead grass, trees, and other rotted vegetation. It was the oldest building in town, never to be torn down and rebuilt. Along the property was a metal fence, painted black and rusted from improper care. It was almost as if it were stuck in time, never to catch up to the rest of the magical world. Most people would stay clear, never to step on the property, not even on a single blade of stray grass.

    Back in the study, a very old looking man was creeping around, lighting his fireplace and grabbing a book from one of the shelves. His own clothing spoke of his age, they were very old and posh, from a very different time in human history. What little there was, his hair was combed over his scalp. His eye brows were as bushy as could be, arching up evilly. However, despite his rather spooky looks, the old man was as sweet heart with a thing for horror stories.  The gentleman sat down in his chair, opens the book and looks to the skulls. It was almost as if the skulls were his audience.

    ”Well now, tonight was have a rather spooky story for you. One of mystery, horror, and possibly the worst thing of all.... Friendship.”

    ~ ~ ~

    The scene wiggled and faded to black. Once that theatrical effect faded, the scene was set to a sunny day in Magnolia. Everything was normal and right in the city. The citizens were loud and bustling, annoying those who don't like the noise. The sun was up high in the sky, thin white clouds passing by, soaking up the suns rays for the humans down below. A breeze was sweeping through, blowing leafs and other lose objects around, Dresses and loose clothing would flap against the people that wore them.

    A man in a fine, navy blue suit walked out of his house. A beautiful home on the edge of the city, on the outskirts near the East Forest. The only inhabitants were a lovely young woman, a gigantic Thunder bird, a Giant Red Panda, and one handsome man. This guy, he was so handsome... some would call him the devil. What was this mans name, you may ask? Why, it was none other than Jaeger, Jaeger Nekros Kruger. He was a tall, brunette with a glorious goatee. With hazelnut eyes, he gazed out to the city. Feeling the breeze run across his face, he had a great feeling of walking around. His beautiful girlfriend was asleep in the house, their animals staying and protecting the joint as usual.

    With that course of action decided, Jaeger took off from the front porch and down the road. People would greet him as he went. The young man only giving them a nod or a wave in return. As he made his way to downtown, his ears picked up on all the noise and chatter. ”Man... why does it have to be so busy. Can't they all just... relax?”  He thought, scrunching his face in thought and annoyance. However, thanks to that thought, he bumped into a stranger. Oh, now the man was embarrassed.

    ”Oh.. I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention...”
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