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    Sunset readings [Private - Intisar Reis & Ceblair T'il]

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    Sunset readings [Private - Intisar Reis & Ceblair T'il] Empty Sunset readings [Private - Intisar Reis & Ceblair T'il]

    Post by Shiny Mirage 20th April 2016, 1:06 pm

    After walking around the great city of Magnolia for a day or two, trying to understand how life went in such a different place, Ceblair needed a change of pace. The sun was already setting, as he was going along the streets, getting more familiar with the place. The young man was looking around with his piercing, yellow eyes, searching for something, that would entice him. He went by different kinds of shops and other establishments, when a certain little shop caught his eyes.

    It was a small shop with antique-looking heading above the door, set in between more buzzing magical shops. He didn't need to think twice and entered. It was just as antique on the inside as the heading was. There were tons of many different books stacked upon shelves. As the young man was looking around, he noticed an elderly woman approach him. "Welcome to my bookshop, dear. Take a look around, see if you can find anything that interests you." Her voice sounded kindhearted and happy, that she has a visitor at the end of the day. "I will. Thank you." He would say with a nod and look around once more as the woman went to order some books on a nearby shelf.

    What kind of book he'd like, though...? No romance, that's for sure. Legends and myths? Heard enough about those in the swordman school. Guilds and mages? Could do with information on those subjects. Magic...? Wind magic? Yeah, that sounded about right. Seeing as he wasn't sure where he would find such specific books, he decided to turn to the owner. "Excuse me. Do you happen to have anything on wind magic?" Specific, but not impossible. Hopefully. "Aah, let me see..." She said and motioned for Ceblair to follow. Shortly after he exited the shop with a stardard-sized, antique-looking book in his hand.

    Luckily, for the young man, there seemed to be a library nearby. Not too many people were around, as the day was slowly coming to a close, so he had no problem finding a random place to plop down. The library building was pretty big, quite ornate from the front with a small staircase leading to it. With a small shrug, the young man would sit down on the far left side as he was coming up. Stretching his legs in front of him a little bit, he would put the book on top of them and carefully open it, hoping to learn something new.

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