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    Those Days [private/Lucius]


    Those Days [private/Lucius] Empty Those Days [private/Lucius]

    Post by Guest 7th April 2016, 6:00 pm

    of a culture that I create

    It was a sunny day, warm and light. That, mixed with the cool breeze that passed through the area from time to time, the freshly cut grass of the garden, and the sweet aroma of the blooming flowers it made the perfect day to be outside.
    The music that was produced from the violin's vibrating strings rung throughout the garden, echoing into the surrounding areas.

    The young girl stood in the center of the garden, chin pressed against the bottom of the violin as she played, eyes closed and expression calm while she strung her bow across the thin strings of the instrument.
    She would have normally stayed inside for her practices, seeing as how there were far less distractions inside her grandfather's small home. But there was something about this particular day that made her want to practice outside instead.
    The light wind was nice, cooling down her skin whenever she'd start to form sweat. The green grass beneath her bare feet was refreshing, brushing against them when she'd move her position slightly on a big note.
    The flowers that had now come in bloom brought a vibrant color to the picture, their colors popping out against the rest of the green garden.
    It was like a picture that belonged in an art book, it seemed too perfect.


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    Those Days [private/Lucius] Empty Re: Those Days [private/Lucius]

    Post by kittykool75 7th April 2016, 6:34 pm

    Those Days [private/Lucius] Y1FgR6k
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    The tall and lanky young boy ran across the soft grass which squished down under his bandaged feet. His unruly long hair flowed along behind him, some of the green locks stained a dark reddish brown color from his own blood and blood from some unlucky passersby, and atop his head a beat up cap that shaded his eyes from the sunlight. Not watching he tripped and hit his knobby knee on a rock, though it bled he stood back up and acted as if nothing happened. A beautiful sound laid unto his ears and he stood up, brushing himself off his dirty hands, covered with bandages like his feet and most of the rest of his body. His greenish blue optics scanned the his close surroundings, squinting to see a bit farther then his weak eyes let him. His gaze fixated on a blurry mark, it was moving more like a person. Because of his short distance vision, the seven year old got used to trying to depict what was a living thing and what wasn't, and has gotten quite good at doing so. He approached quietly towards the noise of the string instrument and the young child who played it. The wind blew his filthy and knotted hair towards to girl as he walked over to her. Instinctively he reached for his pocket which held in it, a blood-stained knife. He pulled his hand off of his pocket, seeing that the girl, who was significantly smaller then him, was no threat. The sweet sound that came from the violin calmed the young child who was slowly starting to regain his breath after running. Hypnotizing, at least to him the music that she played was just that. He stared at the girl he could almost clearly see, and watched her run the bow across the four strings.


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