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    Fabro Rowan: The Primordial Soup

    Merlin Ambrosius
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    Completed Fabro Rowan: The Primordial Soup

    Post by Merlin Ambrosius 20th March 2016, 8:20 am

    Fabro Rowan: The Primordial Soup
    Fabro Rowan: The Primordial Soup Nrvnqsr.Chaos.full.1123650

    How this became a complete calamity? That’s the thing, he merged with more than a hundred beasts to the point that he had completely adapted his personality based on the collective entities he fuse with and became riddled with an overwhelming aura of bloodlust and magical potential and poses such inhuman strength.

    Historians gave him the title: Chaos of 666 Demons, The Primordial Soup, The Bio-Eternal Thesis, Depth of the Genopool.

    Fabro Rowan (800 years prior) was a prominent alchemist who specializes in the study of magical and non-magical fauna who would continue on into developing his research on new species and races altogether. His fascination for “God’s creatures” is his greatest obsession of it all but of course, just by seeing them and studying who or what makes them who they are isn’t enough for him. He had more selfish desires than just the simple mediocre of an ideal of just discovering new species.

    He desired immortality just as the common mage would more or less pursue. He was one of the greatest and the brightest minds of his generation, but to such a cause that would deem to be the most chaotic of calamities. Such as how Vampires would sustain themselves with human blood, Fabro believed that the accumulation of “Lives” would achieve a similar feat and in that process, he became a collective consciousness, aligned with his will yet not entirely under his control and of nature beyond his own understanding.

    It was supposedly some kind of medical breakthrough in order to resolve sickness, in order to regain health that can no longer be recovered, to cure every poison and biological disease whether genetic or not in nature. It was suggested that even a Homonculus would live a longer lifespan than they already have. Like the few before him and the hundreds that followed after, Fabro Rowan achieved a method at the apex of his magical research, allowing him to absorb and merge his existence with other magical and non-magical creatures in order to obtain immortality.

    What makes him different from the rest of those who tried similar methods is not just the method of a death defying age, but the fact that he was the first of his kind to have completely merged with more than a hundred beasts. To be exact he managed to fuse with 666 beasts, according to the historians. Even though he is conscious that his mind is slowly fading by being united to the beasts, his ultimate desire is to come to understand the chaos that formed him even if he should be completely swallowed by that very same chaos. Hence the understanding and control over the disordered dendogram that is, his body became his eternal thesis.
    Fabro Rowan: The Primordial Soup Latest?cb=20120330185434

    Fabro Rowan earned the envy of those who wished to earn raw power, the ideal and everlasting inquiry, a walking eternal thesis. While vampires would usually require blood to sustain, Fabro requires the bodies of his victims in order to sustain him, to become stronger and a force to be reckoned with. Whether the target is living or undead it doesn’t even matter and once they are absorbed into his body they can never be recovered and will eventually mix with the rest of his chaotic matter. He’d even absorb fossils for the sake of it. Much like the original aim, the method of fusing with another entity is the cure to any biological disease, granting a godlike immune system impervious to any harmful invaders. Regeneration is another thing but such ability may only come if he had his fill of bodies, much like how the body is able to regenerate, given that intake of food humans would have but Fabro Rowan’s body has an abnormal rate of regeneration.


    Chaos of 666 Demons doesn’t classify him as a Demon in nature or Godkin for that matter, rather he became a complete hybrid of every single creature in existence and has developed the hunger for more biological bodies on this earth, he’d eat anything he classifies as fauna, and this also includes humans and humanoid races. He’d even eat roaches if he sees one crawling on the ground. Corpses, decaying bodies also falls under his diet and the more he eats, the greater his vitality, strength and ability to regenerate. He was a class of monster that not one man dare wish to face…. Alone.

    In the case of ethereal beings and celestial spirits in general, he may only devour physical bodies that are bound to the earth but not those that came from the abstract concepts like the spirit world. The only thing a celestial spirit would lose should they be devoured by his chaos is their body. In rare cases, he temporarily gains the magical ability of the targets he devoured, however this is not permanent for that once the target is “Digested and assimilated” into the primordial soup, those magical abilities will be gone along with the body.

    The Beasts Within

    The said 666 beasts Fabro fused with make up his body, they can also be detached from the body in order to act as familiars. Any kind of animal or magical animal in general may pop out of him, but that’s just the thing… who knows what kind of creature may emerge from that chaotic mass. The reason why he was considered the Eternal Thesis is because of the theory of the Primordial soup which he adapted into making the result that he has. Any creature can be born from the Primordial soup, even a hybrid of a wasp and a lion. He’d summon a half mantis and half horse, any kind of monstrosity, you name it. He might just create such thing and launch it out of his body. Because of this, he’s extremely hard to ambush even though his back would be turned and sometimes he’s not even conscious that he’s under attack from all directions. The collective matter of beasts can simply just pop out of his body and defend him and tearing and grinding down his assailants, even from a far distance, sniping would be useless knowing a random beast may intercept the bullet and chase after whoever shot it.

    Aside from the randomization of creatures that may come out of his body which he deems as familiars, they can easily be encountered and killed on the spot. Anyone including a skilled mage can do it but upon death, these familiars dissolve into a black liquid substance that will eventually travel back to Rowan, this liquid can be neutralized but this cannot hinder the body count of 666 beasts that he has. He can even deploy 666 beasts at once if he wishes it and would most certainly come in a form of flood with a hundred mouths devouring any organism.

    A Godlike Immune system

    Should Rowan’s research be used for medical purposes, it would have curse and saved thousands of lives, however he abused it and shown the darkest side of it, usually people who wished to merge with creatures would not even reach more than perhaps 50 but instead created a monster by using himself as the guinea pig. Any foreign or harmful biological substances would be useless against Fabro, its pretty much like throwing a dangerous biochemical into the ocean.

    Possessing Fabro or perhaps manipulating him is ill advised to those who specialize in such, Fabro is not just one mind but a collective and an abnormal amount of consciousness, possessing him would be extremely difficult as it’s just the same as possess a hundred minds at once and if one were to force it, their sanity will break before they’d achieve it and will leave a permanent mental scar to which one can no longer recover. Any signs of humanity in Fabro were destroyed this way.

    Of course this doesn’t mean one cannot slow down his movements and limit them, it’s actually even possible to diminish his strength by means of magic.

    A Calamity

    There are several ways for Fabro to attack, either by means of sending in a squad of beast to attack alongside him, to flood his opponent with the 666 beasts that he merged with, an attempt to devour his targets instantly, to divert his opponent’s attentions while some of his released beasts will aim for the kill, aerial, aquatic or land, Rowan himself is suited to adapt in all situations except for those that may limit his movement.

    Another way for Rowan to attack is to have truly combined with the primordial soup and become a powerful entity known as the “666th beast” and builds speed and momentum, however to such a point that not even he can control how fast he goes nor when he can stop. The form of the 666th beast is the most deadly of forms and grants him a ridiculous value of physical attributes.

    But that isn’t the worst of what he can do, he can also shroud a target into a pool of black and liquefied matter known as “THE SOIL OF GENESIS” which represents the primordial soup itself. It primarily acts as a powerful cage that traps the victims on it as they sink down into the soil, eventually devouring them over time but requires half of Fabro’s body in order to achieve such feat, an absolute cage whereas all would be eaten away in due time. This is used against targets to which Fabro finds hard to devour. One of the Holy and Giant Behemoths created by the church was devoured this way.

    Epilogue and Sealing

    Killing Fabro is almost close to impossible and defeating him would require a squad of powerful mages, not one man can stand up against Fabro alone. The amount of blood it cost in order to seal Fabro’s defeat almost reaches about more than half a million all because nobody knew exactly how to defeat him. A few facts however were uncovered which helped in his defeat:

    For one thing, he doesn’t fight effectively during the day another is that he has a slow response time and would take moments for him to adapt to sudden changes to his environment and while he would use the Soil of Genesis, he’d decrease his power in half in order to do so and finally the part about defeating him as a “whole” meaning  he must be defeated in a single shot along with the beasts he has in his body.

    Sealing him required him to perform the Soil of Genesis, and before he became whole again, the seal was already in place and it was too late for him to react.  Fabro Rowan is then sealed in a place no one could ever find him. Should he emerge once again, its guaranteed that the same methods used back then won’t be just as effective as before.

    Up to this point, the whereabouts of his seal is unknown but its ill advised to even unseal him.

    Plot Proposals:

    • Fabro Rowan is currently sealed in some ruins deep underwater in a frozen tundra, if he manages to come in contact with seawater, he’d absorb the small traces of gene pool there to fully awaken his powers.
    • Fabro Rowan will be a roaming threat across Earthland afterwards, the chances of him appearing are slim and acts as he sees fit, collecting and devouring fauna to add more to the Primordial Soup.
    • Fabro Rowan is stronger than the Guildmaster of Grim Heresy Eris, only in terms of raw power but in terms of magic, Eris is in a much higher league. It’s possible that a huge calamity will ensue of both of them clash, an area three times bigger than Crocus will be desolated if they ever were to fight.


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    Fabro Rowan: The Primordial Soup Merry_10

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