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    [Solo | Job] Deliver My Letter!


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    [Solo | Job] Deliver My Letter! Empty [Solo | Job] Deliver My Letter!

    Post by flowercat87 19th March 2016, 6:00 pm

    Posters and fliers advertising the incoming presence of the celebrity, musician, and even a mage herself, Lana Del Fey's tour were scattered all throughout Magnolia. Some blew in the winds, discarded by citizens of the town and some were tacked and taped onto various walls and lamp posts in the town. Lana Del Fey, while a singer-songwriter by trade, also practiced fairy-related magics at her shows to compliment her singing with a bit of glamour and sparkle created by her magical talents. The venue was planned to happen at an outside stage in the evening and the sun had begun to set, small groups of fans had started to trickle into the rows of seats in preparation of the concert.

    Ivana's heels clicked against the cement as she walked with one of the artist's biggest fans, who had offered her a job to deliver a love letter to Lana during her show. The man rambled on and on, like an endless record, about how him and Lana were such good friends as children and how nervous the atmosphere of her concerts made him. Ivana dusted off her sleek black pants as they walked, last minute thoughts of how to complete the objective were coming to her just then, a show of how unprepared she was for this. 

    I have to make this work, maybe I can sneak off now and hide backstage while they're setting up? Hm, maybe. I just need to get away from this creep first. Ivana thought to herself while she adjusted the long, somewhat ill-fitted, black sleeves of her sweater before she turned to the singer's devotee.

    "Hey, I'm gonna go get ready to deliver your letter," Ivana said in a hushed voice. She flashed the white envelope, stamped shut with a small red heart sticker, the words "To Lana" scrawled across the backside of the envelope.

    "O-oh, alright, I'll go to my seat, here's your ticket if you need it," his tone faltered out of nervousness, he handed her the ticket for Lana's concert. Ivana took it, shoving it away into the small pockets of her pants before slinking off toward the backside of the stage.

    A large, white tent stood behind the performance stage, a yellow star with the singer-songwriter's name printed onto the middle marked the entrance to the inside of the tent. Ivana stood beside a bush, she looked around for the presence of any security but found them all to be surrounding a food table a distance away from the tent, chowing down before the show. Ivana took the opportunity to approach the entrance of the tent, finding it especially suitable as she heard Lana start to introduce the show. With a swift lift of the odd white material, she snuck into the tent.

    Where to hide... where to hide... Ivana thought to herself, her pupils darted around in search of a decent spot to hide. As a song began to start, Ivana slapped the envelope down in front of Lana's light bulb-lined mirror and scurried over to cover herself in discarded towels and blankets in the corner. A humanoid-shaped lump trembled beneath the pile of cloths, lying in wait for the concert's intermission.

    "I'll be back," Lana's voice played over the many over sized speakers, the singer disappearing into her backstage room for a brief break. "Hm... what is this?" Lana questioned aloud, gently grasping the envelope, inspecting it thoroughly with extreme caution. "Seems harmless..." she whispered to herself, taking a sip of water from a metallic bottle before ducking back out through the curtains and onto the stage.

    A blanket lifted itself up, a head of scraggly greyish hairs poking out to scan the room. Ivana took notice of the distinct lack of security within Lana's backstage room, then shoving all the quilts and grime-coated towels off of her, creeping over to where she had put the letter to see if the artist took it with her on stage. Ivana let out a sigh of relief as she heard the singer describe the "lovely little message", reading it aloud to the audience.

    "I guess he knows I got it to her now," she shrugged to herself as Lana's voice projected out across a large radius surrounding the venue, filling the air with the love letter's poetic sayings and sentences. Ivana peeked out from the tent before feeling a heavy hand place itself upon her shoulder, pulling her out from the tent in a quick motion. 

    The security guard dragged Ivana off without a word, he literally kicked her out of the venue with an angered grunt. Ivana hobbled off, rubbing her backside gently, making her way through the seas of starstruck audience members with slight difficulty. A whistle rang out in her direction, the man she got the job from holding a thumbs up to her from a distance, she returned the thumbs up and was on her way.


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