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    A Strange Encounter


    Ninetails Derpfox

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    A Strange Encounter

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox on Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:07 pm

    he dripping, pitter patter of rain abusing the cold stone floor of the large circular stone Niyol was seated on range like church bells in the soul mage's head. Seated in the rain, Niyol felt no discomfort as he meditated on recent events. It had been a great deal of time since he'd left his home. It had been a great deal of struggle, and a greater amount of pain he'd experienced since then. As a boy, Niyol left home and now he'd grown into a man. He knew not whether it was a fine man, or if he were no better than beggers and scum that lined the streets of many major towns and cities. For this answer, the young shirtless mage remained seated in the middle of a downpour, legs crossed and eyes closed, communicating with the spirits of the world to attempt to find out if he is a good or bad person.

    As he was, the man didn't expect to be attacked and so he let down his guard. The rain was relaxing for him, causing his mind to feel at ease which was a good break from the standard storm going on inside it. He was able to focus, and tell the spirits of nature that he required their guidance yet again, and hope that his salvation would hit him.

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