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    Find Those Puppies! [Job/Solo/Daniel]


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    Find Those Puppies! [Job/Solo/Daniel] Empty Find Those Puppies! [Job/Solo/Daniel]

    Post by Febrakari 25th February 2016, 12:18 pm

    Daniel let out a long sigh of relief, scratching his back as he gazed at city of Magnolia in the near distance. He sat complacently on the comfy train seat, his fuzzy head resting against the window. I wish the train ride from Mountain Village to Magnolia wasn’t so long. Dan took a moment to gaze around at the interior of the train cab. It was a vibrant color of red, and velvet cushions were plastered to hard, metallic seats, giving the illusion of comfort in a steel prison.
    Dan didn’t like trains. They made him feel claustrophobic, even though the one he was riding now was quite spacious. He kicked his feet up onto the seat across from him. The entire cab was empty, and Dan tilted his fuzzy ear towards a conversation in the other cab. Some girls were gossiping about some guy and about something that he didn’t do, but oh no he did do. Daniel rolled his eyes and slumped over the seat, now laying on it horizontally. He tucked his tail between his legs and closed his eyes, hoping the constant k-thunk of the train tracks would lull him asleep.
    Whaddaya know, it worked. Daniel slept soundly through the rest of the ride, if not too soundly. If not for some screaming kid, Daniel would be long past Magnolia by now. “DADDY DADDY, LOOK AT THE BIG DOGGY!” A short, pudge child, drooling what seemed to be chocolate from his happy lips was patting Daniel’s head furiously. This woke the slumbering wolf-man quickly, as he had no intentions of being pet today, or any day. He whipped up, sitting straight up and staring the kid in the face.
    This startled the kid however, and he jumped back and started screaming and crying. “DADDDYYYYY, THE DOGGY WAS GONNA BITE MEEEEE!” Daniel waved his hands In front of him, a look of surprise and regret tearing across his face. He now saw the dad, a stocky man with abs of steel. Dan could tell because he wasn’t wearing a shirt. “You trying to hurt my son, you mutt?” Daniel continued his negative waving. “No no no!” He thought quickly, then died a little on the inside as he prepared to make repairs to the situation.
    He tilted his head to the side, exposing his fluffy cheek to the child. “Bark.. uh.. Bark..” He forced his tail to wag back and forth, trying to look friendly for the boy. The child stopped crying after a bit, looking at Dan with glossy eyes. “D-doggie? Yay doggie!” He shot forward and gave Daniel’s head a big hug, getting his sticky.. child hands all through his fur. After a while of the embarrassing display, the father tugged on his son. “Come on, let’s go Eric, leave the doggie alone.” He winked at Dan, obviously implying that he knew exactly what Daniel was, and he appreciated him for what he did. The kid ripped his grubby mitts from Dan’s fur, making Daniel wince a bit. Eric, as the kid was called, giggled and ran out of the train car. The father smiled one more time at Dan. “Here man, for your troubles.” The burly man dug into his pockets and flipped out a single jewel. He then laughed heartily and walked off to chase his son.
    Daniel let out a sigh and his tail dropped, reaching a paw up and feeling the sticky candy remains in the fur on his head. I probably look damn awful. He turned to gaze at himself in the reflection of the train window. Yep, it was just as he thought. His fur was pressed this way and that, standing up at random spots and little pieces of pink candy strewn about in his coat of fur. Daniel let out a whimper, a sound he didn’t usually make, as he tried to retain being a canine to personal times. Nah nah, you look fine bud, not as hot as usual, but there’s probably a hair salon somewhere in town, right?
    With that, Daniel got up and made his way off the train. He got weird looks as he stepped off, people gazing and laughing, pointing too. It was worse than usual, because everyone loves to point at the dog on two legs. Daniel thought about the kid again and shuddered, but.. he felt warm, like maybe even if it was embarrassing, it was a nice thing to do. “Ya, go ahead, stare! You’re just looking at a hero in training!” Dan reached into his jean pocket and plucked out his favorite toothpick, taking it with a happy snarl in his muzzle. People rolled their eyes, and eventually got over the spectacle of the matted gross-looking candy wolf.
    Content, Dan made his first priority finding somewhere that could wash his face and hair. He put a hand over his eyes, and took in the sights. He had never seen such happy people before. Everywhere the citizens went, they were smiling, laughing, or having a good time. It made him happy actually, internally making him melt, but wouldn’t tell anyone about that. It didn’t take him long to find the place. Urugma’s Magical Beauty. Just a wash, nothing more. The front of the salon was purple, with windows letting you see the interior.
    Dan pushed through the door, ringing a small bell that alerted salon employees of a customers arrival. “Slow day huh?” Daniel chimed, looking at the lady behind the counter. She was small, maybe 5’ 6”, and had long black hair that looked well kept that extended all the way to her waist. “Oh honey, you look like a candy tornado whipped through your hair!” She was laughing heavily, leaning over the counter at the sight of Dan. The wolf-man was one to be quick with a response, in any situation. “Exactly why I’m here. How much for just a wash of uh..” He motioned around his head region.
    “Nothin more? Ah dawg, that’ll just be maybe a jewel, if that!” Dan smiled wide and was quick to take a seat in a chair. “Alright, now that’s what I’m talking about!” The lady laughed and spun the chair around to a sink, pushing his head down into it. She turned on some water and just went to town on Daniel’s face. “The name’s Urugma, people call me Yewji.” Dan would respond if his face wasn’t being blasted with water. “Hblbrrlrblbr?” Yewji laughed and proceeded to picking out candy bits from his fur.
    The whole process took about 10 minutes, and after thoroughly drying his face, hair, and ears, she stood him up and shook his hand. “There ya are. I’ve never worked with fur before! Come back sometime and let me style it huh?” Dan nodded, and took the jewel from his pocket, holding it to Yewji. “Sure will, and thanks a bunch Yewji.” With all smiles, Daniel departed, leaving the salon. He stepped out onto the street, and a small puppy dashed through his legs. “Wha?..”
    “Get the puppy! Ahg!” A shrimpy looking guy, with big glasses was running down the street, seemingly chasing the furball. Dan turned quickly and ran forward, scooping up the puppy in his arm. “Oh gods you are cute.” He chuckled a bit and messed with the puppy’s nose, watching as it attempted to devour it in it’s almighty, tiny, adorable little mouth. “Auh, thank you so much sir!” The little man ran up to Dan, panting and bent over holding his knees. He huffed for awhile then reached out and took the small canine in his arms.
    “How’d the little booger escape ya?” Dan smiled at the man, and at the now tail wagging puppy. The man took a deep breath and clenched his free fist. “Iwasplayingwithmypuppiesandileftthegateopenandtheyescaped!” Dan blinked a bit. “Uh, what?” The scrawny man sighed and groaned. “I messed up, now my puppies are running all over the place. I’m so out of shape, I can’t catch them.” Daniel laughed heartily and clasped his shoulder with his hand. “Need some help bud? I’m Daniel.”
    The little scrawny man’s face broke into a wide smile. “No way! Really?! Of course I could use some help, thank you so much! I’m Ordae, and this little stinker,” He poked the ecstatic puppy. “Is Kipper. I’ve got about 6 other puppies running around not too far from here!” Dan smiled wider, there’s more? Oh I’m gonna melt, I swear.
    Ordae made his way up the street, handling the puppy in his arms lovingly. He turned and opened a door to some sort of apartment space and let the puppy run inside. “Phew, one down, 6 to go. Alright, you grab em, and I’ll make sure they never escape again!” Ordae smiled and Daniel twiddled his toothpick in his maw again, and gave Ordae a thumbs up. “Sounds good, be back soon!” Dan spun around and started whistling for puppies.
    “Come here cuties!” He whistled some more down the street, he heard a scream and some commotion. He jogged down quickly, looking to see what all the hubaloo was about. A lady was furiously, but gently, shaking a puppy, who seemed to be covered in watermelon. Nearby, Dan saw the remnants of a fat watermelon, torn apart by some, savage beast. He came forward quickly. “Awh jeez, the little butt-head. I’m so sorry ma’am!” She turned to him and seemed no long angry, smiling and laughing at the small dog. It was yapping and panting happily. “Oh it’s alright, just keep a hold of your puppies!” She handed him over without much fuss, going to go clean up the mess.
    Dan cradled the fluff as he ran back, handing him off to Ordae. “Oh jeez, Manic, I figured you’d get into trouble.” Dan rolled his eyes, chuckling, and returned to the search. He found two, sitting under a sidewalk bench, being patted and loved on by a couple of teenagers. Oh he’s so cute, Oh look at his paws, Awwwwh he’s yawning! These were all things he heard as he approached. “Scuze me guys, can I get my puppies please?” The teens turned and busted out laughing. One snarky looking one stared Daniel down. “So you’re the proud father eh?” Dan felt his face grow warm, and quickly put the puppies under his arms. “Yep, that’s me, I’m the dad, and your mom’s the proud mother!”
    Daniel ran off, laughing as he heard the ‘oooohs’ and the ‘roasteds’ form the group, shaking his head a bit in non-belief. Oh what he wouldn’t give to be a teenager again. He found Ordae sitting at the door now, seemingly doing a crossword puzzle. He held out the two sleepy puppies, raising his eyebrows. “Finding those puppies is a real hard job huh? I mean, those words don’t cross themselves.” There was a bit of disdain in Dan’s voice. The guy gave him a job, but he didn’t expect him to just sit on his ass the entire time.
    Ordae’s face flushed with crimson as he took the puppies and let them into the apartment. “Uhh.. uhh.. s-sorry!” He ran off down the street and Dan made a humph sound, satisfied to see him doing some work. The wolf-man started whistling again, cooing and trying to lure out the small little dogs. One really happy looking pup came right up to him. He then pounced on his feet, gnawing at the pads on his feet. Daniel brought his feet back, letting out a small giggle. Damn I wish I wasn’t so ticklish!
    He swept up the puppy and held it up to his face. The dog squirmed and wriggled, then eventually gave up and let his tongue hang from his mouth. Daniel smiled and gave the dog a few good pats, walking back to the apartment. Ordae was there, holding another dog, smiling. “Look Daniel! I got one, I actually got one!” The dog was asleep adorably in his arms, looking like the most innocent thing alive. “Was it asleep Ordae?” The scrawny man made nervous chuckling noises. “Uh-.. uh..” He then smiled at Dan and pointed. “Just one more puppy! Go get him for me, and you’ll see yourself properly rewarded!” Daniel rolled his eyes again. Oh Ordae, you really are something. He set the dog into the apartment and jogged off down the street, looking for the last one. He spent a good 15 minutes with no luck. His whistling, cooing, and calling didn’t seem to do anything. Then he had an idea, and embarrassing one, but it was taking too long to find the last darned puppy. Daniel sighed, pointed his head up, then barked a few times, and released a wolf-like howl, much to the surprise of everyone around him.
    A puppy, smaller and more timid looking than the rest, appeared from the shadow of a nearby alley, whimpering quietly as she walked up to Daniel’s feet. She plopped into a sitting position and began howling a tiny adorable howl with Daniel, swaying her little tail behind her. Daniel slowly stopped howling and looked down at the adorable ball of fluff. “There you are, c’mere you.” He knelt down and lifted the puppy into his arms. It continued it’s quiet howl, now wagging it’s tail.
    He found Ordae once more, waiting patiently at the door to the apartment. He held out the tiny runt of the litter, smiling wide. “There you are, all seven puppies rounded up and given back.” Ordae smiled wide once more and took her happily, hugging the small puppy tight. “Oh my, thank you so much Daniel! This means so much to me!” Daniel nodded, then widened his eyes as Ordae held out a sack of Jewels. He then smirked, took the sack, and went on his way, feeling rather warm. Today has been a good day.

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