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    V day


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    V day Empty V day

    Post by Thorn 14th February 2016, 8:21 am

    Thorn moved in her chair trying to become conftable her mark hidden by the summer dress she had chosen it was a strange feeling being nervous but she had never been on a blind date before in fact she had never been on a date full stop. Thorn had no clue why she agreed to this but it seemed like a fun idea and you never now the person she meets could be her new play thing, smirking at the idea she placed her long dark hair in its proper place and sat quietly waiting for the mystery man to arrive.


    V day S6Eaz9K

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    V day Empty Re: V day

    Post by Deadpool 19th February 2016, 4:35 am

    A blind date, though not so blind, was in store for today! While he didn't mind dating once in a while, he had no intention of making whomever he was about to meet into a spouse. Not ever! He had a goal for his relationships, though he wasn't sure he could ever do so, and getting married to anyone else was pointless. A bowl in one hand, and his standard uniform for himself on, the man walked into the place the blind date was for, the man thinking back to the basic description of the person he had found before spotting her. Red eyes, pale skin, and a whole lot of cleavage would be what he got to look at; hopefully with lust on his mind. The door to the establishment opened quickly, slamming against the wall as he kicked it open to keep from endangering the safety of the chimichangas he had brought for them to share, as he quickly spotted her and made his way to set down briskly.

    ”Why hello my fair flower, my name is Deadpool. It's a pleasure to meet someone like you!”

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