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    Marshy And Windy Thread.

    Jiyu Kazehime
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    Private Marshy And Windy Thread.

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 13th February 2016, 9:20 am

    All Kagura really remembered at the current moment, was that Naraku had knocked her out for something when he summoned her. Now, she woke feeling very different than when she had been rendered unconscious. He claimed the modifications he had made to her body was much worse of a punishment than any form of torturing her that he had priory developed. Of course, he had also done a pretty good beating on her as well. According to Naraku? While the changes would minimally or not at all affect her ability to fight for him once she adjusted, they would impact greatly how people saw and interacted with her, maybe even prevent people from wishing to be around her entirely. Of course she didn't really get why he thought that would be punishment. Actually if it could work on him, that would be a reward, keeping his filthy hands off her would be fantastic! Of course the things he had done, whatever they were, did not seem to affect Kohaku's view of her, from the boys current posture at least, so it couldn't be as bad as Naraku THOUGHT it was.

    "Whatever, can I go now?" she wanted to get away from him, her skin crawled with every single word he spoke, or move he made. Honestly? She wouldn't have put him pasted to have violated her in other ways beside modifying her body while she was out! Once the vile man nodded, she was quick to dart to the closest window of the high mountain castle, and throw it open, as she leaped out of it she heard him laughing. Reaching for one of her feather's? She found nothing was grasped at, no tossing it down, and so she was locked into just falling down the mountain side. What had he done to her? Why couldn't she fly, better at was she falling to her death, sticks and twigs scarping against her before she finally crash landed at the base of the tall mountain. Kagura had actually fallen pretty far. "What has he done to me?"

    Kagura knew she would have to figure that out, standing up on her shaky kimono covered leg's, aiming to walk forward. After a few hour's? The sorceress finally came to a lake, bending down to use her hands to scoop up water and wash her face, only to realize she no longer had hands, instead there was a single black oppsoable appendage that seemed to curl in like a grabber than an actual hand. "Dam it, I really need a mirror." the night was dark, and she could barely make out her reflection due to the lack of light against the water's surface,

    However anyone else would clearly now be able to see, she was something resembling a harpy. Black wings for arms, and bird like feet, with feathers from a tail sticking out between them.

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