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    Punch First (Save Slaves While Punching!) [Job/ Lumina Rubyscale]


    Punch First (Save Slaves While Punching!) [Job/ Lumina Rubyscale] Empty Punch First (Save Slaves While Punching!) [Job/ Lumina Rubyscale]

    Post by Guest 12th February 2016, 1:13 pm

    Job Title: Liberation of Slaves
    Player Requirements: 1 C-Rank mage or 2 D-Rank mages minimum. Must kill/capture/arrest the 2 heads of the Slaver operation. Minimum 30 posts with 250 word minimum requirement. Must also roll 5 monster dice minimum to summon the boss.

    This job can only be done once

    Job Location: Hargeon Town
    Job Description: Lately there have been slaver's running an operation to kidnap women to be sold to other countries for a tidy profit. This operation must be stopped and the Rune Knights are offering a tidy sum of jewels to anybody that will stop the latest shipment of slaves to leave Fiore. Not only must not a single slave be harmed, but the leaders must be made never to be allowed to escape or this will happen again. The Bounty is for them Dead or Alive, but the Council prefers them alive and will double the bounty if done so.

    We also know the individuals are extremely tough and stealth may be required...

    Weak:Slaver Initiates x5- These are the fresh new recruits of the slaver operation and each deal individually D-rank worth of damage with their non-magical cutlasses. The will attempt to surround and use their numbers to overwhelm the enemy. The Slavers will run or surrender at displays of B-rank spells knowing they are out of their leagues.

    Slavers x2- These are experienced sword and gun users with a weapon in each hand. The sword and gun deals C-rank damage each. They will fire the gun 3 times a post and ignore D-rank armors and barriers of whoever they are shooting. They will fire at whoever is dealing the most damage and the bullets do travel at 900 MPH making them hard to dodge. They require 1 C-rank of damage to beat, making them a bit of glass cannons.

    Veteran Slaver- They have been doing their job for so long that thThey have earned the jewels to buy themselves Lacrima to use water magic. They also use cutlasses imbued with the same magic, but this magic is not eatable by Water Dragon Slayers due to having salt mixed in all their spells and Abilities, thus making them instead LOSE the magic they were supposed to gain. The water magic itself deals C rank damages and is very malleable to users will. The Blade however deals C-rank damage and continuous D-rank bleeding per post. Requires 3-Crank of damage to beat them.

    Captain Scarlet and First Mate Carver- Captain of the slaver ship the 2 are notorious individuals that have no value of human life. They fight mercilessly and will fight to the death since they know that a hangman's noose awaits them if captured.

    First mate carver is a speed based mage with a pair of cutlasses that look worn after many use and stained with blood of those that opposed him. He will immediately charge at the strongest looking mage at 100 miles per hour and lock the person in melee combat with his blades. Using his magic it allows him to strike multiple times for B-rank damage due to speed and momentum of his blades. It is very tricky to hit him, but he is ultimate Glass cannon as well due to his speed and a Solid C-rank blow at his high speeds will cause major damage.

    Captain Scarlet uses a pair of guns that deal C-rank damage each and is fired 6 times per post and ignores C-rank Barriers and armor. Her shots also explode on contact causing people hit to be blown away from her and causing AoE damage. Living the life at sea made her tough and requires 4 C-ranks to beat her. When knocked down to 3 C-ranks of damage she will attempt to shoot herself in head rather than humiliation of the hangmans noose.

    Reward: 15k jewels and an extra C ranks exp(added after bonus calculation). If both bosses are captured alive then the jewel increases by 30k.[/b]

    Quincy put both hands on the back of her neck and pulled down as she stretched for the upcoming job with a fellow guild mate. To her dismay she was still suffering from being weakened to the point that she would have to work hard to get as strong as she used to be, especially with her new magic. After pulling on her neck for about two seconds a loud pop sounded and she started to stretch her arms and legs, it was always a good idea to limber up before going to punch the daylights out of slavers. This was one of the few times she was calm in the fact that she were to fight a bunch of them.

    After finishing all of her stretches she waited in front of a small restaurant so she could wait for a guild member, Lumina. She has hardly met anyone in the guild besides when she first joined, apparently it has changed dramatically since then. Lumina herself was almost a complete stranger save the fact a couple of name exchanges and small talk every so often. Quincies fists clenched around themselves as she was getting antsy and getting ready to punch everything that were to stand in her way! Every so often, Quincy would put a little bit of her magic through her system to keep her on edge, not enough to consume mana but enough to make her eyes change to the starry sky that would normally replace her crimson eyes.
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    Punch First (Save Slaves While Punching!) [Job/ Lumina Rubyscale] Empty Re: Punch First (Save Slaves While Punching!) [Job/ Lumina Rubyscale]

    Post by Lumina Rubyscale 17th February 2016, 4:26 pm

    Lumina didn't wake up anytime near when she was suppose to and when she did wake up she was slow to get started. She kinda wandered off into the nearby forest and found a stream to jump into and cleaned herself off. Didn't take long and once she was done she took off to find the member she was suppose to be meeting. She wandered around a bit, kinda unsure where the meeting place was.


    Mayu was finally awake and had caught up with here, probuly made cause Lumina didn't wake her when she left.


    Lumina nearly burst out laughing as she had called it, she would have continued except Mayu landed on her and bit her on the ear.

    "OW! Mayu what the hell!"

    Lumina sighed and kept walking toning out Mayu's bitching until she caught site of the other guild member. She ran up and stopped in front of her.

    "hi! sorry im late, i woke up late and needed to bathe"

    Lumina heard Mayu say something about not paying attention so she pulled Mayu off her and hucked her into the air with all her might. Lumina watched the ball of red went rocketing off into the air. Lumina frowned and clicked her tongue, she looked back at the other woman.

    "I didn't mean to throw her that hard... or far for that matter." Lumina looked back at the ball of red that was getting smaller and smaller. Lumina say the little dragon get control and stop her movement. "She will be back... and most like be a bit mad... so can we go?" Lumina was kinda afraid of what her sister would do when she caught up with her, she had just kinda thrown her without thinking.


    Punch First (Save Slaves While Punching!) [Job/ Lumina Rubyscale] QGrxNTU

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