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    Super Sneaky Spy Special! (Solo/Job)

    Ivara Sharpe
    Ivara Sharpe

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    Super Sneaky Spy Special! (Solo/Job) Empty Super Sneaky Spy Special! (Solo/Job)

    Post by Ivara Sharpe 6th February 2016, 1:24 am

    Ivara read through the note again as she prepared herself for the upcoming private investigation mission that she was given. It wasn't anything special as it was just to watch and see if a certain fellow is picking pockets and stalking people. Stealth was her specialty after all so that this job was going to be a piece of cake and a walk in the park all at the same time. Sometimes she wonders if the rest of the guild give her these kinds of jobs because they are too tedious for them to take care of on her own. No problem though as she took it as the first job that came into mind when she wanted a quick buck. She dressed herself in her orange and pale body suit and placed her over sized hat on her head. She tucked the note into a little pouch in the hat and slid down her infamous face mask as she left her motel so she could start the job properly. Before she cleared the lot on her way to the center of the town to set up a perimeter before stalking the supposed pick pocket she noticed a bunch of different men shadily walking into an alley about a block away.

    Normally she would ignore such acts but for some reason she thought that it would be linked to the job that she agreed to go on alone. She knew that if she was noticed and they were to attack her she could handle them on her own but if these what looked like thugs had much more backup she could have bit up too much for her to handle. She slipped close to the walls to watch the dark figures also slide into what looks like an abandoned room inside the alley. Ivara waited outside for a while, hidden from all view, waiting for a single man in a black cloak to come by so that she could execute a technique that would knock them out so she could take their cloak. It took about fifteen minutes for another person to come around and she completed her move without a hitch, dragging the unconscious person to her room. If anyone were to watch her drag the person it would be very hard for her to explain herself. Once in her room she stripped the person to reveal a woman, a good looking one at that, but Ivara didn't care about her and just tucked her into the bed in the motel and put the robes on over her outfit and started moving back towards the abandoned room.

    Once there she knocked on the door and a large man opened the door to reveal a long brick hallway that descended down the equivalence of three flights of stairs. The longer she walked down the more she had a bad feeling about it but she continued, she wasn't going to give up because of a bad feeling. It probably meant nothing anyways. Once she got to the bottom of the stairs she started to hear the faint sounds of electronic music and the even fainter smell of booze. She opened the door calm and collected yet her heart raced wondering what the heck was going on behind the hoods. Once in her jaw dropped as she figured out what she walked into. It was a giant night club with a cult appearance, one of the best appearing at that too. This was actually a good spot for her to fish for information about her target if anything. If not she could get the social excitement of mingling with somewhat ordinary people in a somewhat regular environment. Its not every day you stumble into a giant secret cult night club. But there was her target sitting at the bar with a sack of coins in front of him.

    Ivara sat herself down with a random woman at a table across the bar as she kept her eyes on the target and started striking up a conversation with the person she randomly sat herself down with.

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