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    Two Years Gone By in a Flash [Open]

    Mark Baxter
    Mark Baxter

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    Two Years Gone By in a Flash [Open] Empty Two Years Gone By in a Flash [Open]

    Post by Mark Baxter 10th January 2016, 8:28 pm

    Capital Crocus. As much as Brennan hated to admit it, he had never actually been here before, this was his first time coming here. Oh well. Brennan thought to himself, There's a first time for everything, isn't there? He shrugged to himself and looked around, the place sure was awe inspiring, Brennan knew that much, even though he wasn't really one for decorations. The boy floated around happily, glad to know that he could finally tell people that he had been here, and not be embarrassed to no end when his comrades talked about it.

    But of course, this was Brennan, and where Brennan went, trouble always followed. The boy was just floating around cheerily, and suddenly a rip appeared in the air, right in front of Brennan. Nope. The boy thought to himself, Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. He tried to float away from the rip, but it just got bigger determined to suck Brennan in. Brennan floated away with all of his strength, but the rip was something like a strange black hole, powerful as all hell, but for some reason, it sucked in nothing except for Brennan. "No!" He screamed, ripping his throat raw, but there was nothing anyone could do, Brennan was sucked into the rip, and it snapped shut immediately after Brennan entered it. Citizens looked upon this whole event in awe, not entirely sure whether it was the performance of a street performer, or an actual crisis.

    Only seconds after the closing of the rift, it opened again, spitting out a man who looked to be about eighteen years old -- Brennan Skyllon. "W-where in the world am I?" Brennan asked, his voice and appearance entirely different than they had been just moments ago. Brennan looked around and gaped in awe, "Can it be I-is this Crocus? Is this the place where I disappeared two years ago?!" B-but how is this possible? It's identical to the way it looked two years ago..."


    Two Years Gone By in a Flash [Open] 1zya1cx

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