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    Bastard Child (Private)


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    Bastard Child (Private) Empty Bastard Child (Private)

    Post by Benjamin 5th January 2016, 4:24 pm

    Magnolia Town.

    A cheery little burg resting on the sea.

    Many a family sought to settle down and have children in this sunny place, hoping to raise them in a pleasant and safe atmosphere. The abundance of work, safety, and community cheer made it an ideal spot for expecting parents. In the home of one such family, a mother and father prepared to spend a romantic night on the town, having hired the sitting services of a certain gray-haired mage from Lamia Scale. They would have hired a mage from the local guild, Fairy Tail, but after having several of it's mages hired by these parents, this particular guild knew all to well what kind of awful, rotten, evil child they would be looking after. This forced the married couple to search for help elsewhere, leading them hire to unsuspecting Dmitry Kazakov to look after the little spawn of Satan.

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