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    Preventing the Blow up Of A Castle [chelvaric/dante west private job]


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    Preventing the Blow up Of A Castle [chelvaric/dante west private job] Empty Preventing the Blow up Of A Castle [chelvaric/dante west private job]

    Post by Chelvaric 1st January 2016, 12:12 am

    Chelvaric walked trough the gates of the capital city of fiore called crocus. It was a very big city and very busy too as all the most important matters and parties were being held here in the heart of the kingdom. But this time it wasn’t for a happy occasion. Same like the last time he was here. It seems he was always being called to crocus when something bad is happening. He sighed as this wasn’t good. He was just walking in jeans and nothing on his upper body. His chest completely naked and exposed while his metal arms were fused into his body. The city seemed to still be recovering from the priory attacks. Altough a lot of houses were fixed already not everything was. He walked up to the castle where the supposed job was. It was a huge castle. The walls were definitely around thirty meter high and each three hundred meters there was a castle tower. The usual lack of guards at the door was now gone as there was a huge amount waiting at it. they probably didn’t want to let the murderer escape so fast. It was best for him to wait here for his partner. He was taking a low ranked mage of the guild on this mission to learn him a few tricks. This would make him more profound in the guild. He wanted to show the guild master that he would do everything for the guild and that he wouldn’t stop till it was the best place in fiore where a mage could be the best of the best but wihout a irritating competition feeling. More of a family. Where you have that crazy uncle throwing pies at you in the evening of Christmas. He leaned against the wall and looked as the first snow was falling in crocus. The winter came late but it was starting.

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    Preventing the Blow up Of A Castle [chelvaric/dante west private job] Bakugou.Katsuki.600.1932217

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    Preventing the Blow up Of A Castle [chelvaric/dante west private job] Beigecat

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    Preventing the Blow up Of A Castle [chelvaric/dante west private job] Empty Re: Preventing the Blow up Of A Castle [chelvaric/dante west private job]

    Post by Isis 1st January 2016, 10:06 pm

    The Capital city. This place was definitly not what he would excpect when he arrived there the city looked like it was rebuilding. It had been months since the attack from the priorty but he just was confused. He knew that no matter what he was here for a job to prevent the castle from exploding. Dante was the type of person to not let that happen and for right now he was purely relaying on his spirits. He would take this time to reach down and make sure his keys was still at his side ready to go. He would feel them all with ease and know that his golden key was there.  The golden key of Scorpio.

    " I wonder what this is going to have us do." he would ask himself as he looked around and spotted his partner on this job the closer to the castle he became. there he was the team mate he was there to meet. The description of him was spot on tall dark and hot. Dante would blush just a bit before he got up there before he gained his barrings. " You must be Chelvaric". he would say with his voice not making a single indacation that he was in total bliss with the view. His face on the other hand he was fighting hard not to blush seeing this half naked man in front of him. This is going to be a lot harder then i thought it would be when i blindly agree to a job. His thoughts alone was kicking him in the ass.

    " Well shall we go in past all of theses guards? just judgeing by this castle and knowing the landscape i would say this request might have came from the royal family." he might not be to far off since there is really only one castle in all of the capitol city. Dante was amazed when they were walking around seeing the beatuiful work of art allalong the walls and the statues were amazing. He woudl glance at his partner and see the complete seriouse kinda look on his face and forget about the art and focus on the job at hand.

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