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    Merlin's Carnival Episode 1: Put yourself in place of me!! (EVENT)

    Merlin Ambrosius
    Merlin Ambrosius

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    Public Merlin's Carnival Episode 1: Put yourself in place of me!! (EVENT)

    Post by Merlin Ambrosius 1st December 2015, 8:58 am


    A few days before Decayuss became part of the council, he took one last request from an unusual client and that client just so happens to be none other than me, Merli-- Mejai Kaijura! Yes.. Yes!

    Like any other good scientist who worked unofficially without a permit, I had Decayuss tasked for the job to help me put my elixir to the test! Of course he has to be the one who shall play with this experiment for the time being as I promised him that this be a quick trial run and error.

    He seemed like a nice guy, glad he isn't pointing a blade at me.

    Yes I know he heard of me, the underworld doctor who roams in Talonia from time to time, Mejai Kaijura. Well perhaps curiosity must have caused him to participate in this little scheme of mine, I also have him sign a contract, a waiver no doubt that in anyway this be reported to the council.

    Well I don't do behind bars! I already did my time when my ex-fiancee sealed me in the crystal cave!

    Primarily I had him switch places with me back then and when the experiment was success, it was time for he and I to trade back places! Of course we couldn't have done the experiment in a public place so we had the experiment somewhere near the park.

    Merlin's Carnival Episode 1: Put yourself in place of me!! (EVENT) Maxresdefault

    Well of course I had to pay him, judging from his face he didn't like it but just as I was about to bring in the money... well something unfortunate happened. A bunch of thieves managed to grab the formula and went lose downtown. I actually can't believe it... my formula swiped from under my nose.

    I couldn't be anymore careless.

    This is pretty much of a big deal cause once someone knows what the formula can do, well if possible they can even switch places with the King of Fiore. So I told Decayuss to retrieve it from those thieves before they wreck havoc.

    But my fears only grew worse when the lid was dropped and the formula vaporized into crystallized powder. Before Decayuss may come to notice, I was long gone.

    Event Explanation

    Unfortunately a band of thieves somehow managed to get my "Identity Swap" formula and things look very grim. Everyone responding to this event shall be immediately affected and who so ever posts next before you shall be the body you'll switch into. Only two people may swap bodies at a time.

    NOTE! If a member hasn't post in the thread for at least 4 days, they will be skipped until their next turn or if they posted instantly. This is to prevent the event from going inactive.

    The downside.. they got the antidote to change you all back to your bodies without risking of taking another sip at the formula T__T.

    Minimum requires before thieves be found will be 25 posts with 250 words minimum.

    People from Independent Guilds may hop into the chaos as well!


    [16:54:16]Dubhlainn : What does the name Hikaru mean?
    [16:54:27]Eclipse Valerie : Hikari means light o-o
    [16:55:04]Eclipse Valerie : I think Hikaru is like the male form of it? maybe..
    [16:55:34]Dubhlainn : So does that mean Hikaru is a transgender?
    [16:56:04]Eclipse Valerie : uhm o-o
    [16:56:08]Joan Blackheart : Lmao.
    [16:56:53] Merlin Ambrosius : 10 out of 10 would still bang.

    Merlin's Carnival Episode 1: Put yourself in place of me!! (EVENT) Merry_10

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