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    Shard's Bank


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    Shard's Bank Empty Shard's Bank

    Post by Shard 15th December 2012, 11:42 am

    Tactical Blades:

    Type: Dual swords
    Rank: Weak
    Description: A pair of swords attached by wires to the metallic boxes on her waist. These metallic boxes are where the swords are also sheathed. However, what is odd about the swords is that she can place them into different slots (there are six on each side) to extend or reduce the length of the blade. Each slot has 0.7ft of a blade in it and thus the blades have a maximum length of about 4.2ft. This ability to quickly change the length of the sword to suit the situation is one of two reasons why it is called the tactical blade.

    The blades themselves are straight and dual edged with the tip being razor sharp like a needle. The blade segments are constructed of a special material which when charged with a minor amount of magic will hold them together very solidly. The segments are chevron shaped so one fits into the next perfectly. The minor amount of magic is so minor that even if all six segments on both blades were utilised it would likely not exceeded even a quarter of D rank in drain per post. (So every four posts using all six segments on both blades will drain her of a d rank's worth of magic)

    However, the blade's length changing is not their only use. No, the wire is highly important. It is high tensile cable and is not hooked onto the metal boxes, but fed into it. This is because the swords can be thrown and then with a minute amount of magic power can be retracted. This is normally used as a grappling hook.


    • Variable blade length to keep opponent's on their toes
    • Due to being bladed and metal it increases her damage on impact. It can do piercing and slashing damage.
    • Capable of resisting D rank spells
    • Grapple


    • Is a weak weapon
    • Easy to break with higher rank weapons, spells or strong physical attacks.
    • Is light so easy to push out of the way


    Total Assault:

    Rank: D
    Type: Metal
    Description: By using a small amount of magic power (one D rank) on the metal box in a specific way she is able to cause ten of the segments (not the main ones always attached to the blade) to fly out and strike at an opponent each of them doing minor cutting damage. Together they do two d ranks worth of damage. Once they hit or after the post is over Requip magic is used on them to quickly transfer them back into the slots. However, this process takes a post so she is unable to use her blades as effectively for a post.

    • Ranged attack
    • Multiple Impact
    • Automatic return


    • Low damage
    • Prevents her using sword to full efficiency for a post
    • Leaves her open whilst she uses it (so for a few seconds)

    Duration/Cooldowns Instant / 2 posts (begins once blades return to slots)

    Cyclone, Motorcycle Pet:

    Species: Robot
    Type: Combat Pet
    Rank: Weak
    Description: Cyclone is a motorcycle capable of speech. Able to reach speeds of 200mph this is one fast ride and is Shard's preferred mode of transportation. However, this is not just transportation for her. No, this is her stalwart companion in battle. Able to ride by itself it is already very useful. However, its true ability is that this bike is no ordinary bike and it is cabable of transforming into a humanoid robot about 6ft2 in height and cable of fighting quite well. His weapon of choice is his front tyre which is his right hand. His rear tire is attached to his other arm and is utilised as a shield. If either tire is broken he is incapable of transforming back to normal until a replacement is found.

    Rank: D
    Description: By rotating his front tyre rapidly he is able to add extra damage to his attacks that leave second degree burns where ever he strikes.

    • Adds extra damage
    • Causes burns


    • Spikes surfaces will shred the tyre
    • If tyre is destroyed then he cannot return to his normal form.
    • Cannot break anything higher than a d rank shield barrier or weapon.

    Duration/Cooldown: 2 posts/3 posts

    Rank: D
    Description: On his left wrist his exhaust pipes are attached and after a brief moment he is able to send out a jet of flame, like a flamethrower, from these to attempt to burn anything in his path. This leaves third degree burns. 15ft range and 3ft wide

    • Burning attack
    • Range attack
    • Can break D rank barriers and weapons.


    • Water can easily block this and wind can divert it
    • Cannot break higher than a d rank barrier, shield or weapon.

    Duration/Cooldown: Instant/3 posts


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