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    New faces, New connections

    Faith Caliburn
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    New faces, New connections  Empty New faces, New connections

    Post by Faith Caliburn 17th November 2015, 2:39 pm


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    Akihito Shinra
    Fairy Tail
    Shinra was walking through the bustling streets of Magnolia Town. The merchants yelling out trying to reel in any prospective customers. It was quite a normal day, once again Shinra had stealthily slipped off by himself avoiding the every lively Fairy Tail guild. The bustling of the crowds made him feel safe and unseen, unlike the Fairy Tail tavern where barrels of booze flew and where fists where exchanged like chocolates on Valentines day. The Guild was nice, there was certainly plenty of good people at hear, that is exactly why Shinra find it incredibly unsettling every time he was there. The only place Shinra was comfortable at was at the grand library, very seldom did the Fairy Tail members go there it seems that they where always busy drinking and fighting. Ironically Shinra had found the guild surprisingly hospitable...

    Shinra Adjusted his glasses with a dusty old book he had nicked from the library. He skimmed through the pages, it was about requip magic. Shinra had easily grasped the concept and chances where that he too would be easily be able to summon weapons like stated in the text. Yet for some reason Shinra's magic had still not come back, he emitted no magical power...Shinra couldn't help but feel incredibly useless and powerless, but not once did he show his distress to his guild mates and guild master.

    "Hmmmm.....Interesting..." muttered Shinra as he skimmed through the book once again. After having his fill of knowledge Shinra simply closed the book and placed it in his coat pocket, he then grabbed another book tucked away in the depths of his jacket, he once again dove into the crinkly pages and devoured the words written in ink on the yellow pages. While Shinra was occupied by the book he accidentally bumped into a young lady with purple hair.

    "Oh my...pardon me I'm afraid I wasn't looking where I was going." apologize Shinra as he gave the lady an apologetic yet charming smile.

    NOTES: notes notes notes notes notes because i mean what else would you put under 'notes'. Other than that have fun!


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