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    Flower picking in the woods (solo mission)


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    Flower picking in the woods (solo mission) Empty Flower picking in the woods (solo mission)

    Post by Domino 2nd November 2015, 4:30 am


    Job: The Rarest Flower
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-Ranked Wizards

    Job Requirements: Find the mysterious white flower deep within the Spooky Forest! Minimum of 10 posts. Must defeat at least one batch of monsters. 150 words per post.

    Job Location: Spooky Forest

    Job Description: The medicinal shop in Magnolia can't seem too pay their workers enough too journey into the Spooky Forest too gather a specific type of flower needed as an ingredient in a powerful medicine. Find it for them! But watch out...something's lurking, stalking, snarling.

    Weak: Goblin x3 (Who knows what they're doing, and why they've decided too follow you. But they are not friendly...at all. A few hits should clobber them out for the count though.)

    Normal: Wild Pack Wolves x4 (Four wolves have been stalking you...and they've decided you're lunch! Defeat them with at least 2 hits on each one of them! They attack with claws and fangs, each will attack you once each round, roll too block!)

    Strong: Lone Wolf (This wolf rolls solo, and that alone should prove how tough he is! He attacks you twice each round on his own. Every so often he'll attempt a pounce attack too pin you too the ground. Roll 3 "Block Die" if he does this. If you roll 2 or more Blocks, you don't get pinned. If you get pinned he bites you for "4 Attack Die", though you can still attempt too block. Take him out with 5 hits!)

    Boss: Dire Wolf (This wolf is....huge too be honest. He stands about ten feet, quite big for a wolf, indeed. He'll attempt too run circles around you too confuse you, but stay focused! Every so often he'll dive in for an attempted bite or claw swipe against you. Roll 3 "Attack Die" each time he dives in for an attack! Roll 3 "Block Die" too see if you get away. If you don't block you'll be shredded for C-Ranked damage, be careful! His normal bite attack also deals C-Ranked damage and can truly hurt! Put him down with 10 hits! Good luck!)

    Reward: 2000 Jewels

    It was a rather pleasent day for traversing the woodlands. Well, it was if you liked rolling mists curling along the ground and sun barely being able to pierce the dense clouds. It was perfect for this kind of woodland though. For this was the spooky forest and the atmosphere right now truly exemplified that name. Now why would anyone enter a forest when it was so spooky? Surely no-one would enter it, would they? After all, the monsters that supposedly roamed it were said to be quite fearsome and then if those didn't bother you at all there was also the fact it was the rumoured location of the Savage Skull guild.

    And yet despite all of this a young woman with hair as white as snow and eyes as red as the rose walked through the mist seemingly without a care in the world. Why would an unarmed women traverse such a place alone? There was a simple answer to that. For a flower.

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