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    Mura's History WIP

    Mura Kensho
    Mura Kensho

    The Ghost Slayer

    The Ghost Slayer

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    Mura's History WIP Empty Mura's History WIP

    Post by Mura Kensho on 24th September 2015, 9:07 am

    Mura's History WIP Mura-s10

    The Story So Far
    Mura's Origin Story:
    Mura was born into the great Kensho family, who housed many sword artists, but no real mages. He grew up with his lovely mother, who sadly died early, and his father, who ensured most of his upbringing. He spent his childhood playing around with tree swords, because he was a big fan of swords and sword arts. His family also had this treasure, an ancient katana that they kept as an old, secret war booty from their "enemy", the great samurai Kyuken (which means Strong Blade or something), who lived centuries ago. Mura idolized him as a kid, despite the rivalization between Musashi and Kensho, and wanted to become a great samurai like them. But all he had was tree swords, so he started off slowly as small as he was back then. He knew that this great Kyuken, whose real name was Musashi, had descendants, the Musashi family. Despite the elder enmity between those two families, they seemed to respect both ancestors; Kensho and Musashi...

    It was a nice and sunny day, when he heard about magic for the first time. His family had travelled to the center of Fiore and he met the mages, watching them fight against each other from time to time. He loved it, it was so cool for him and so much different from normal sword art. But his family didn’t like the idea of magic, so they kept him away from mages. He thought that it was unfair and decided to try it out as well. But in order to keep it hidden from his family, he did it in secret, so nobody noticed it at all.

    One day, his father took him to a vast area, far away from their home. They went into a deep cave and Mura's father left him there, to test him. Mura understood that it was a test, but still felt very sad to be left alone. He went deeper and further into the cave, where he found a red totem. It shone brightly crimson and looked very magnificant in Mura's eyes. He didn't know for sure, what it was, but he took it and went deeper. Soon, he found the exit of the cave, where his father would wait for him. Of course, his father was very proud to see his son get out on his own, but when he saw the totem, he was astonished. It was an unique treasure, called: "Futsunomitama no Tsurugi" (literally the Futsu No Mitama Sword). It was meant to be an ancient weapon used by a sword god of the lands. He took Mura with him home and showed the rest of the family that the legend was true; the blade of gods existed. But Mura wasn't a god, so he couldn't really use its power or anything at all. But it was very treasurable, so Mura kept it.

    Years went by, he’d grown up and trained his unique magic pretty well for a beginner. He took off into the forest, away from his family, to train his magic once in a while, until he met Kyuken’s spirit for the first time. He was astonished to discover the legendary samurai’s spirit all of a sudden, but Kyuken informed him nervously that the forest was in danger by some evil spirits. Mura got nervous and hurried back home, just to see his father and grandparents trapped in a seal made by an evil spirit. Mura speculated about what to do; if he used his magic then they would discover the secret. In the end, he needed to save his family, so he called for Kyuken to help him. That was their first spirit control experience. They succeeded in chasing the evil spirit away.

    His family, that has just discovered his secret magic, was astonished to see him chase the evil spirit away with a sword. He hesitated a bit but continued into the forest to find the other spirits. He went very deep, into he appeared at a giant tombstone. There was written “Musashi” in it. It was the grave of Kyuken (his real name is Musashi, you know), the spirit that Mura had met before. The other evil spirit was sitting on it, laughing at them both. Mura didn’t hesitate, before slashing the evil spirit apart, wiping the laugh off his face.

    When he finally got back to his family, he expected a real madness from them. But his father saw the good potential in him and his magic, so he accepted him as a full-fledged “samurai mage”. Mura was very happy to hear that and decided to travel to the center of Fiore to become an even better mage. He’d seen the other mages and their abilities and wished to surpass them all someday, in his own way. His father acknowledged it as well as his grandparents. They gave him Kyuken’s katana, Harusame, as a gift for saving their lives. He’d kept the katana with him since then. Kyuken wanted to stay with Mura, after watching him defeat the evil spirits. He sensed potential in this boy, and now that Mura had his old katana, he didn’t want to leave him or that. They’ve been with each other for now, and will surely be linked together for all eternity...

    When he settled in the south-eastern part of of Fiore, he decided to join the mage guild Fairy Tail. He got to know some members pretty well, although he needed to collect some bravery to introduce himself. He also met a lot of spirits, who were old members of the guild many years ago. After settling pretty well in the guild, he was enjoined in a team of three members: himself and his guild friends, Eclair and Amir. A good start to a great adventure...

    FT Vol. I - A Soul In A Sword:
    ♠A few days later, he went on his first job alone. He was going to Oshibana, where the mayor had requested him to clear the town from Dark Wizards, who planned on taking over the railway station. When he arrived there with Kyuken, he met the mayor and immediately got attacked by Dark Wizards who had lured him into an ambush. However, with Kyuken on his side, he managed to put them all down and was fairly unmatched until he met the boss, who was predictably stronger than all the others and gave Mura a tough time. But when Mura's katana, Harusame, broke by the hands of this bastard, it ignited a dormant, black magic in Mura that brought about the boss' death. On Mura's first mission, he had broken the very first rule that a Fairy Tail Wizard should follow; to not take a human life.

    ♠Time passed and Mura grew stronger. Nothing was said to the others about his events before. He decided to follow the Guild Master to his homeland, far away from Fiore, where they had problems with vampires. The struggle against them was tough, but Mura didn't only complete the job with flying colors; he also unlocked a special power inside of him, apparently coming form a link to Pluto, the god of the Underworld. The vampire lord Victor trained him for a brief moment, trying to see if he could use his powers properly, before promising that the vampires wouldn't attack anymore and leaving. This was the same power that had taken over the shaman's body before, but with training, Mura could seize some control over it.

    ♠When Mura returned to Fiore, he was out in another job; this time, he was going to entertain a lot of people, including the royal family, at Crocus. But the show got interrupted by a gang of rogue mages, who thought that they could do what they wanted. Mura put them all to their places, realizing that he'd gotten stronger. His spirit forms were getting bigger and more powerful. Of course, he was happy to know that and his happiness grew bigger when he saved the family and everyone else. Oh, and then there was the smooch from the grateful princess, which would probably leave a mark on Mura's heart... *blushes*

    ♠Days after the attack in Crocus, Mura went out to another mission. He was going to remove some very weird animals away from Spa Town (Hosenka), which was getting overpopulated by non-paying animals from Seven. These creatures were pretty annoying and greedy, and even a mage wasn't enought to scare them away. Mura didn't know anything about Seven, other than they seem to like walking around in human clothes...

    ♠Back at the guild, Mura was having a nice time. He'd gotten familiar with most of the guild members, when a new guy shows up; apparently an old member of the family. He'd been travelling across the lands and finally returned to his home. While most of the other members knew him, Mura grabbed the chance and tried to learn this guy, whose name was Ez(something), to know.

    ♠Mura began to feel homesick, which prompted him to visit his dear samurai family in Midi. They greeted him with open arms; but delivered the shocking news of a conflict between the two samurai families, Kensho and Musashi. As a peace-loving Kensho with the ancestor of the Musashi family by his side, Mura did his best to put an end to this war, which revealed for him even more secrets than he expected...

    ♠A mission to take down the rising of undead creatures at Phoenix Mountains where Mura and Hana began bonding. The shaman became awareof his feelings for her, and seemingly, she underwent the same mental change. Quite a lovely rendezvous... if not for the mission at hand.

    ------------------------------FAIRY BREAK------------------------------

    FT Vol. II - An Injured Soul:
    ♠A lot had happened to the guild of Fairy Tail throughout Mura's first 5 years there. Due to a single member's psychological issues mixed with a demon's possession, the guild had been declared dark by the Magic Council. However, despite everything they went through, Fairy Tail's alignment had become more akin to an independent guild than a dark guild; their values stood strong, but they were cast away by the acknowledgement of the Magic Council. This taught Mura what it felt to be betrayed... and he swore to never betray his guild, even at the cost of his life.

    This event was a random one. Being stranded in a haunted house, Mura had lost many of his senses and had to feel his way through the building as well as fight off over a thousand demons. His heart hardened, and his soul secluded itself deep into his heart.

    ♠Betrayal and fate. It was destined for Apollo, an old member of the guild, to turn against his very family. Having been kidnapped and tortured to what felt like no end by the Basilisk Fang, Apollo had given up on his previous ideals and values, ravenously thirsting for revenge... he was no longer a Fairy Tail Wizard. He was their enemy now... and Mura had to learn that head-on as the first.

    ♠One of Mura's first encounters with a Black Rose mage after having met and befriended their Guildmaster, Izayuki Hyōjin. Kiru harbored an even colder demeanor, behavior and attitude than even Sorano-imouto herself, but there was still mercy enough in her to offer Mura a chance at redemption for having missed what was 'clearly' an irrelevant debt with cake involved; he accompanied her to a cold region called Vintermyr to aid her in a test of courage against the Fenrir.


    RP Sample:
    RP Sample from Years Ago:

    Mura's History WIP Mura_a10
    It was windy out here in the grass area. The leaves rushed around the air, as Mura sat on the grass, alongside Kyoken. "So, you’re telling me that you’re afraid of ghosts?" Kyoken didn’t understand that Mura, who used spirits to his magic, was afraid of ghosts, which was literally the same thing. “Well, if they seem ghostly… well, they kinda daunts me a bit…” Mura scratched his hair as he thought about how a “ghost” would look like. It was a terrifying being, unaffected by touch or slashes by a sword and determined to scare the heck out of everyone. He fell goosebumps right down to his legs. As the spirits, he used to see every day; they didn’t seem very harming, so he got used to them. “Well, you and the others aren’t scary, that’s why I like to hang ut with you guys.” Kyoken felt a little flattered, but looked over at the ground behind Mura. A spirit rose up from it, and Kyoken greeted it: “Hello, fellow spirit. It seems that you’re trapped in this world as well.” The spirit felt pity when hearing that, “Don’t worry, get deserved to live in the Hereafter, fellow. Peace.” The spirit, who looked like an old worksman, smiled and said: “As well for you, my fellow.” And then disappeared into the world. Mura remained silent for a moment and said: “Well, what about you, Kyoken? You might have done a lot of awful things, but I’m sure that you’ll get deserved in the end” and smiled. Kyoken was very pleased with those words.
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