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    FTRP Fanfiction


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    FTRP Fanfiction Empty FTRP Fanfiction

    Post by Eris 28th August 2015, 11:34 am

    I thought it'd be amusing to bring the idea out there.   Fanfiction.   Anyone should feel free to post here or wherever with your own short stories starring the many characters on FT-RP with all the fluff and BL your hearts desire whether out of your own amusement or others.   Write out your Ships,  canon be damned~!   (We all know Yugi secretly loves his brother Count Sparrow right?  Or all those hidden feelings between Shuhei and Heero...)

    If no one posts here,  oh well.  At least maybe some will see it and post something elsewhere and giggles can be had. 


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