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    the werewolf


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    the werewolf Empty the werewolf

    Post by Thorn on 8th August 2015, 11:57 am

    Job Title: The Werewolf

    Rank: 10 Year

    Player Requirements:  2 S-Ranked Wizards. Maximum of 5.

    Job Requirements: Bring the strange old man the head of the Alpha Lycan and prevent the impending infection that the cult has been planning on the residents of the villages of Fiore! No one knows about the looming threat and the creepy old man plans to keep it that way. You must make your way to the heart of the Lycan woods and defeat anyone who stands in the way of you and your target. Posts must be at least 350 words in length and the thread must be at least 60 posts long.

    Job Location: Lycan Woods

    Job Description: A threat has gotten a bit too big for its britches and needs to be stopped before something extraordinarily bad happens. In the Lycan Woods lives a scary amount of the beasts of which the place is named after, werewolves. They are human during the day and live in the forest peacefully, but when a full moon comes around, they turn into vicious, blood thirsty creatures that don’t stop until their prey is dead or at least immobilized to eat later. An evil cult has also formed, worshipping these beasts as if they were gods and even getting together to cast a very powerful spell that creates a false full moon above the forest, complete with a black sky and stars, forcing the men and women who are cursed to remain in their beast forms at all time. Recently, the cult leader has finalized his plans to control and unleash the Lycan population of the forest into the unsuspecting villages of Fiore, and from there, the rest of the nation. This cannot happen under any circumstances. One Lycan, the only one to escape the cult and who lives in a hut on the edge of the forest has called on you specifically hearing of your massive amount of magical power to help eliminate this threat as well as anyone you feel you should bring, promising a grand reward upon bringing him the head of the Alpha Lycan and the cult leader, for if you kill them, the entire plan will fall apart. Until, that is, a new Alpha is chosen and an exceptionally powerful cultist takes over the last one’s place and the vicious cycle begins again.

    Weak: Pack of Raging Lycans – 5 Lycans have caught onto your scent and are now surrounding you. After being in their were-creature form for so long, they have completely lost their minds and only have a lust for the blood of everyone who isn’t their masters. They are 7 feet tall if standing on their hind legs and have a very “big” build. Their manes are a deep shade of grey and their teeth are bloodstained. They are very coordinated and they could easily overwhelm you if you aren’t careful. These Lycans also have jet black, razor sharp claws that rival the sharpness of their teeth and are faster and stronger than your typical S-Ranked slayer. Just because they fall under the weak category doesn’t make them weak, it just means that they are only the beginning of far powerful enemies to come. Although they are fast and strong, they are still only melee and cannot fly, use this to your advantage. They take 2 A-Ranked spells worth of damage to defeat, but good luck hitting them.

    Normal: Band of Promising Cultists – 10 cultists have heard about your quest to defeat their leader and foil their plans, and they cannot allow you to do this. They’ve set up an ambush for you and your group and there’s no running away from this one, as they’ve set up a magical barrier that only deactivates once they have been killed or immobilized. All of these men and women who are a part of this cult and have ambushed you use varying archetypes of shadow and darkness magic. Some use Shadow-Make magic and use spells such as, Shadow-Make: Wolf pack which summons three wolves made of shadow to hunt their target and tear them to pieces. These wolves take an A-Ranked amount of damage each to destroy and are quite agile. Or Shadow-Make: Cannon which fires a ball the size of a cannonball that deals A-Ranked spell’s worth of damage and moves so fast that it breaks the sound barrier. The other shadow mages have different kinds of spells like one that turns them completely into a puddle of darkness that has a radius of 20 meters and drains 5% of the magic power of whoever stands inside of it and doesn’t affect their allies. They can also create wings of darkness and showers of needles made from their element which are quick and deal a D-Rank’s spells worth of damage if it hits, although there are hundreds of them that come down. The darkness and shadow mages are also as coordinated as the beasts they hail as gods, so them hitting each other with their spells is a very rare occurrence. Both can also use shields that block an A-Ranked spell or equivalent, and can even stack these shields on top of each other to block even more. Each cultist will go down in one S-Ranked spell or equivalent.

    Strong: The Half-Wolf – This beast is half werewolf and half man. The leader of the cult once attempted to create a potion that would turn whoever drank it into a Lycan, but not any kind of Lycan, a sort of “superior” Lycan. One who could freely control his own form and can choose not to turn under the presence of the full moon. They would be as fierce as a werewolf, but as cunning as a human. They would also have the enhanced senses of a werewolf in their human form and have their sanity and mind as a werewolf. In theory, it was the perfect creature. Once he believed he had completed the potion using the top alchemists in his cult, he gave it to the one cultist he believed would succeed him should something happen, but upon drinking the potion, something went horribly wrong. The successor writhed and screamed in agony as his whole lower half changed and contorted into hind legs and with sharp claws replaced his nails. When the transformation completed, it was apparent that the potion, much like the test subject, only half-worked. He has the speed and strength in his legs the same as a werewolf, but the upper body and cunning of a human cultist, and a powerful mage at that. He too, uses Shadow-Make and can cast all the spells that the previous cultists use as well as his own spells that he deemed too powerful to teach to the newer members of his group. The Half-Wolf can turn his body to darkness at will to avoid all physical attacks that he sees coming and turn his body solid at will to harm you with powerful physical attacks. While he’s shadow, only magical attacks can hurt him. This is a passive effect that is A-Ranked. As for his other spell, he can cast one dubbed Shadow-Make: Shadow Realm in which everything in a 100 meter radius is covered in darkness and his speed and strength doubles as well as all darkness spells cast inside of this field are increased by two ranks. The visibility is also reduced to almost nothing, giving him an edge in visibility as he can use his nose to track you down in the dark fog that accompanies the field.  It takes 10 S-Ranked spells or equivalent to defeat the Half-Wolf. He will automatically appear by the 25th post if you haven’t already. If you roll more than one strong dice, all of the extras will become weak monsters that accompany him.

    Boss: The Alpha – Exactly what the name implies, the Alpha is the main wolf that every wolf follows to their very end if they need to. No one opposes this wolf because it is leagues higher in strength than every other werewolf and the cultists hail this creature as the god among gods, this is their deity. Recently, the leader of the cultists has fused his soul to the soul of the wild creature, and managed to take over its physical body. Because of this, he has the body of an alpha wolf that is far larger than the Raging Lycans you may have faced earlier. On his hind legs, this jet black furred wolf stands at a height of twenty feet and also has a very large build to say the least. To add insult to injury, it also has the strongest shadow magic in all of the cult, since the leader was as much a force to be reckoned with as the Alpha Lycan itself. Some of his spells include three blades of darkness that shoot out *every* time he swipes his claws in the air or at you, each which deal one S-Ranked spell’s worth of damage. If they do hit, they will cut and infect the wound, although any healing spell will disinfect the wound. However, if left festering, the wound will develop a terrible smell after three posts of being left unattended and the mage it was inflicted on will lose the ability to cast their highest tiered spell. Each post after this they will lose the ability to cast their next highest tiered post unless they are left unable to use magic. This is due to a curse that each of The Alpha’s spells inflict on its targets should it touch the blood of who it hits. Example: You, an S-Ranked mage, get hit by a scratch of the razor sharp claws; After three posts of being left to fester, you will only be able to cast A-Ranked spells, four posts, B-Ranked, five, C, and so on. Other spells of The Alpha include making wings out of darkness that allow the already monstrous creature to fly and increases its speed by 50%. Upon receiving half the damage it takes to defeat The Alpha, he will cast the spell used by the Half-Wolf which covers everything in darkness and limits visibility greatly as well as increasing the damage of his own spells as well as any shadow spell by two ranks. The Alpha will appear automatically after 45 posts and will not go down without a fight. He is immensely durable, and as such will take 20 whole S-Ranked spells or equivalent to defeat. Furthermore, upon receiving 15 S-Ranked spell’s worth of damage, he will go into a blood crazed frenzy in which his speed and strength quadruples. Once you defeat this beast, you will gain the respect of all the Lycans in the woods as their new leader and all the cultists will scatter. The spell will be broken (for now) and the sun will break through the layer of eternal darkness, turning them all back into their human forms. All that remains is to bring the head back to the mysterious old man.

    Reward: Completed Lycan Potion - The old man will give everyone on the job the option of drinking a potion there and then that will allow you to freely turn into a Lycan and boost your speed and strength immediately for five posts before being forced to revert back, though you cannot use magic in this time. You can freely control the transformation, though it would probably scare people if you did so in public. Every full moon or artificial full moon, though, you will be forced to turn and go into a bloodthirsty rage for the duration of the night. You will also gain a passive increase to all senses, primarily smell and secondarily sight. It will also passively buff your speed in strength in human form by 50%, He will not give you the potion to take with you and only the recipient can drink it. If they do, however, they cannot turn into any other mythical beast that other jobs may allow them to turn into (foreshadowing). The active has a 10 post cool down, so use it wisely. If you choose to refuse the drink, he will instead transfer 250k jewels to your bank account. Each mage on this job must choose the potion or the jewels. If any do choose this, they cannot turn into any other mythical beast that other jobs may allow them to turn into. (Those that are already have some kind of alternative bloodline may not choose to become this creature. Example: You are already part demon or part angel UNLESS you give up that bloodline. Note that you cannot switch back or switch to another if you do this)

    If solo'd 100k, stacks with the jewel from refusing the drink.
    (This job can only be taken once per person)

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