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    I don't care, I just want the Icecream. [Private]


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    Private I don't care, I just want the Icecream. [Private]

    Post by FluffyLynx 25th July 2015, 8:04 am

    There she was, back in Hargeon, standing outside the local candy shop. Wearing a white summers dress with purple flowers on it, the straps over her shoulders were barely visible. The dark-purple hair of hers was curled nicely with the assistant of a hairdresser, and the white flower was firmly in place over her ear. The scarlet eyes were watching through the glass, seeing that there was still something going on inside. Fortunately, the shop hadn't closed yet, and she had made it there in time. The last time she had been here, she had been told that she was required to bring jewels to be able to have any of the things that she desired. It had been strange to accept that there was something that she couldn't have, and that she no longer was allowed to simply take. Because stealing as a Rune Knight was bad. Now that she had started getting paid for working for the knights, she had jewels in her pocket that she could use to pay for what she wanted. Entering the candy store with a huge smile on her face, she went up to the cashier, and simply slammed an arbitrary amount of jewels onto the table, pointing towards the icecream. The shop was strangely devoid of people, although it was close to closing hours, so not entirely uncommon. It took a few moments for the clerk to realise what was going on, but then things started taking a turn for the worse. Seeing this strange girl seemingly without the ability to speak, the spark of greed fired up in his eyes.

    You need to pay more if you want the icecream. This was the statement that Xana was faced with. Tilting her head to the side, she wasn't understanding the value of the jewels that she had presented the clerk with. It wasn't too important to her though, as she had no desire to buy anything but the icecream. The only thing that had her confused, was that as far as she understood, there was a correlation between the amount of icecream that she could buy, to the amount of jewels that she posessed. Scratching her head, she tried pointing at the icecream again, only getting the same answer from the greedy clerk. Groaning a little, she stuck her hand into her pockets, trying to withdraw more jewels to pay for the icecream with. If anyone found themselves watching, it was clear that the clerk was attempting to scam the young female for everything that he could.


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