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    Deliver My Letter {Kuro/Solo}


    Deliver My Letter {Kuro/Solo} Empty Deliver My Letter {Kuro/Solo}

    Post by Guest 17th July 2015, 2:51 pm

    Job Description:
    Job: Deliver My Letter!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be done under 10 posts. 500 words total. This increases by two posts and 200 words per extra mage.
    Job Requirements: Deliver the love letter.
    Job Location: Magnolia Town.
    Job Description:
    There's this man in Magnolia who wishes to send a letter to one of the most popular celebrities in Fiore, who seems to be his childhood friend and love interest, and surprisingly, that celebrity is heading to Magnolia Town. You must get through many fans and enter the backstage if you want this to happen. Just don't get caught by security, or else you won't be able to give the letter.
    Reward: 600 Jewels

    look into my eyes
    look into my eyes
    Despite being a dark mage, Kuro didn't particularly identify herself as a dark mage. It was the two demon's withing her, that shared her body with her, that wanted or rather had to be dark mages but Kuro was not. In fact, more times than not, it seemed as if she was a genuinely good person. She was being that quite literally couldn't harm a mouse. Though, she struggled at times in her attempt to remain "good". Which was why she was rather nervous about showing her face in Magnolia. She or rather Shiro, had assaulted a kid when trying to teach him not to bully. At least he wasn't a bully anymore, but still she did harm a child.

    Her nervousness wasn't going to stop her from coming to Magnolia, or at least it wasn't going to stop Kiro, the succubus that resided within her. "I can't believe actually wants to see an idol perform...."Kuro sighed, she could only fathom as to why the succubus wanted to go to a concert for an idol. If getting tickets to the concert wasn't hard enough, or perhaps getting caught for attacking a child only a week before, there was one other challenge that Kuro had to face.


    "Deliver my letter."

    The man was quite literally sobbing at the mage's feet, a wrinkled up letter was in his shaking hands as he tried to force it upon her.  It was an awkward situation that put her in an even more awkward position. The two voices within her head weren't particular enthralled about the idea of delivering a letter for this clearly obsessed guy, but somehow Kuro almost felt bad for him. After all, it was his first love and childhood friend. Frowning, the pity getting worse and worse with each sob that passed the man's lips, Kuro sighed taking the crumpled tear soaked letter, "Fine." The voices in her head groaned but Kuro couldn't help it. She would have wanted someone to do the same for her if she ever was in the man's position.

    Which lead to Kuro trying to sneak her way backstage. She was terrified to say the least. What if she got caught or couldn't deliver the letter? She'd feel absolutely terrible! However, sneaking past the guards was a relatively simple task. Kuro was so plain that she simply blended in within the crowd entering the backstage. She wasn't sure if she should feel depressed or not about that. Deciding that she'd be said about her lack of looks later, Kuro ventured through the backstage, hardly anyone noticing her. With only a little bit of trouble Kuro managed to stumble upon the idol's dressing room.

    "Here goes nothing!"

    Knocking on the door there was no response so Kuro let herself in. Glancing here and there, the room was empty save for various outfits and gifts from adoring fans. "I'll just leave this here." She muttered placing the letter upon the vanity. However, just as she was about to leave Kiro chirped in her head,

    "Grab that!"
    Kuro glanced over to the indicated item, a rather risque outfit to say the least. Suddenly, it dawned on Kuro as to why the succubus wanted to come to the concert. "You just wanted a sexy outfit!" She seethed but the succubus easily made the girl grab the outfit and waltz out of the room like nothing happened. "Great now I'm a thief too!" Kuro cried internally to the two demons who in attempt to comfort added,

    "Consider it a delivery fee?"

    where my demons hide
    where my demons hide

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