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    Do you even lift?

    Vox Nihili
    Vox Nihili

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    Private Do you even lift?

    Post by Vox Nihili 12th July 2015, 12:42 pm

    Do you even lift?  Prussia.240.527886

    When asked why they would go to a private gym, when the Rune Knight’s was so advanced the twins would simply give a narcissistic answer. If asked why they never seemed to push themselves during the training regimes within the RK, their reply would simply make it seem as if the training regime itself was boring and not worth striving to obtain the best time. Questions regarding them taking sparring matches casually were replaced with, that’s all the effort they needed to exert.

    In truth, those are lies the pair of snowy haired siblings tell to outsiders. They don’t train at the Head Quarters because they don’t wish to show the others how they struggle to push how their bodies, nor put their entire effort into the regimes or spars because their bodies are sore from other workouts. The two of them needed a place to feel free to strain themselves as much as they could, to truly test the limits of their weakened bodies to try and get them back to normal. It was just one of the many things that the twins hid well beneath their exterior persona.  A persona of which, required a certain amount of patience or personality to enjoy or tolerate for long periods of time. And it was the very same personality which had their grand entrance into a new Magnolia gym be as flashy as ever.

    The doors to the gym opened up as the twins stepped inside, their gazes locked with one another’s as Dederik arrogantly sung to her. “Any note you can hold I can hold longer than you.”

    “I can hold any note longer than you” Deidara retorted as the pair made their way towards the front desk, signing in as they continued back and forth. Their gazes locked with one another challengingly for when the first one would mess up the rehearsal with Dederik finishing the signups as his twin outstandingly bested him.

     Turning towards her he spread his arms out wide while he retorted, his voice carrying through the gym after her own. “Yes you caaaaaaan. Where do you keep all that air?”

    “Dude.” Deidara said as she gestured to her chest, a smirk on her face as the singing duo began their trek to the changing room while continuing on the song. Not seeming to give a care for their appearances or others working out while they put on alil show. Each one speaking faster than the next before their inevitable parting at the changing rooms.


    Do you even lift?  36626_s

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