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    The sleep returns her.

    Kyrin Aminev
    Kyrin Aminev

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    The sleep returns her. Empty The sleep returns her.

    Post by Kyrin Aminev 30th June 2015, 5:34 pm

    It had been too long the children cried in her cave waiting for he return spider all around four feet tall and her most precious children reaching from up to ten feet tall, "Oh my babies I have come back~ I need to rest it seems. . . Being old as I you will take care of mother right?" She laughed her spiders chattering in return as she sat on her throne at the farthest point of her cave a direct line of moonlight shining down on her as its light turned red ready to put her back in the eternal slumber she was accidental woke from by magic disturbances. As she was closing her eyes she held out a hand opening it up and revealing a small vial fit for a pixie, "Should a small pixie come here looking for me. . . Direct her to. . .This. . . It will. . . Put her in a sleep. . . Like. . . Mine. . ." Within moments the sleep had claimed her the body going limp apart from the arms as eggs churned and pumped from her abdomen ready for the spiders to continue the lineage of her species the great and mighty spider.


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    The sleep returns her. 0WdTnds

    The sleep returns her. Empty Re: The sleep returns her.

    Post by Guest 30th June 2015, 5:55 pm

    Cleona found that humble little cave at the far end of the forest she entered and found her dear Inerta's thrown. Her children had supplied her with that most fickle vile and the pixie could do little more than drink it.

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