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    The making of an anti wizard. (Akryns secondary training)


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    The making of an anti wizard. (Akryns secondary training) Empty The making of an anti wizard. (Akryns secondary training)

    Post by Akryn 3rd May 2015, 8:01 pm

    Akryn sat quietly meditating in the middle of the ancient ruins. He had sent a request to an old friend to meet here. Well, friend was a bit of a stretch. But they had been allies, and Akryn needed that now. He had been hunting Scorpion Tail for a very long time, and he had found them three times. And twice, he had lost, hands down, nearly died. The third time, he had failed to catch the man because of a single outside influence, another wizard, a curse mage. Akryn was a prime example of physical prowess and combat skill, an epitome of what a warrior should be. But despite all of that, he had failed, and nearly died twice. He needed more than what he currently had. His wind magic, his swordsmanship, even his fists, his most deadly of weapons, had failed him time and time again. He needed one more weapon in his arsenal, one more asset. He needed to level the playing field. He needed anti magic.


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