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    The Ancient Scholar and the Law Breaker

    Kodai Venator
    Kodai Venator

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    Private The Ancient Scholar and the Law Breaker

    Post by Kodai Venator 16th December 2014, 9:44 pm

    Kodai Venator, entitled the Ancient Scholar by those who encounter him frequently (he did not argue), was sitting, as usual, in a library, with a large book in his lap and a glass of whiskey by his side. He was only allowed to bring in the drink because the librarian knew his reputation. That is, his tendency to sneak in whiskey anyway. The large book wasn't of this library, however. The owner of the book was long-dead, as was the language in which it was written. This book, properly known as a tome, belonged to the Library. Library with a capital 'l', because this library is far more important than the one in which Kodai sat. It was the Library of the Ancients, and it was a huge storehouse of knowledge. The tome was written in a language of runes that would be incomprehensible to even the most learned person of ancient history, as the age of the Library extends far, far beyond any knowledge one could posses of ancient times. However, as Kodai spent months upon months studying the contents of the Library, he was able to decipher the runes. This tome in particular was priceless, for it was the Tome of the Arcane. It was Kodai's favorite, as it detailed spells that can do the incomprehensible easily. One such spell would cause any female within a small area to be overcome with the urge to walk over to the caster and initiate a conversation with them. Kodai was tempted to try it, but he resisted the urge, as there was a large number of females in the area, and it would be rather awkward to speak to them all at once. So Kodai simply turned the page, carefully examining the pressed-bark pages and the runes it held, illuminated by gold leaf. The cover of the book was made of very old purple-dyed leather, preserved only by a spell devised by the author of the tome. The spine and front cover were carefully detailed in gold leaf, depicting symbols and runes and carefully worked designs. It would easily attract anyone's attention, as it was as large as a telephone book.


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    Mistress Venir
    Mistress Venir

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    Private Re: The Ancient Scholar and the Law Breaker

    Post by Mistress Venir 16th December 2014, 10:29 pm

    "Ah a Library!" Venir paused in front of the gran structure. The last time she had visited a library was back in Oak Town. However, she was also kicked out of the said library for being unable to keep her mouth shut for more than a minute. The thought of getting kicked out of yet another library made Venir frown and begin to walk away from the structure. "But wait...." She froze mid-stride, "There's so many magazines in there. Countless issues that I've yet to read..." Venir took a wary glance back at the imposing structure that was the library, "Oh what the hell! I doubt I'll get kicked out again!" 

    It was a miracle that Venir didn't get kicked out within the first five minutes of being in the library. In a matter of minutes she had managed to terrorize countless people with her talking, knock down numerous books and even a shelf or two, and almost gave the poor old woman at the main desk a heart attack. To be fair though it wasn't necessarily Venir's fault. The little old lady was more or less startled by the bikini clad mage's overall appearance and attitude. It wasn't exactly common to have a pink haired, bikini wearing, mage with countless strange pink markings come up and ask to be directed to the magazine section. 

    With countless magazines piled up on top of each other, Venir's reign of terror did not end quite yet. As she walked around searching for a place to sit and read the magazines the female mage would not shut up. Every few moments she would comment aloud on one of the magazine's she had snagged. Even when she found a seat across from strange man with an awfully thick looking book, Venir was not quiet in the slightest. She hummed loudly as she read an article on "How to improve social skills", in a poor attempt to better her own lack of social skills. Though of course she would never admit aloud that she had poor people skills and half the time she herself was unaware of that. Still humming loudly her green eyes flickered up to look at the man across from her. "Oooooh what's that. It looks old and kind of boring. There's so many pages don't you get bored?" Venir asked, her interest in her magazines temporarily forgotten.


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