♖ Neon Abrasives ♖


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    ♖ Neon Abrasives ♖

    Post by Ambrosia on 1st August 2018, 1:02 am

    Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo

    Well it was quite the day indeed, she sat atop of one the railings of their balcony, predawn the sun still hadn't dragged itself out of the depths of the earth yet one could hardly tell that the stars were out. For lights seemed to shine from every surface the city gave off a vibrancy she had not felt in many months. Some princess or fine lady of the court had a birthday, for days the celebrations had gone on, stalls and vendors operating at all hours in the day, ships flying throughout the sky transporting delegations of international visitors, streams of visitors had filled up the city, every household with a spare bed and rented it out for coin was flowing from every crevice in the place. From above where she casually perched gazing down upon her kingdom the females neon gaze caught sight of pickpockets streaming through the streets. Their smooth hands lifting only a few jewels from each purse before slipping onto the next. Some excelled at their trade whilst others would be slow and clumsy, they would be picked up within the next few days. As the rats crawled out from the sewers the doves flocked down into the streets, rune knight patrolling, some more serious than others who were partaking in the excitement themselves. Neon nails clicked along the smooth surface of the wood, fair games over in one area whilst food stalls were everywhere, dancers, acrobats and extertainers performed for tips and stages had been set up for muscicians and musicals. The wonderful and light side of socity in fiore was shown. Yet so was the rest of it, flickering neon signs of brothels, displaying their sale prices for the festivals as the human woman displayed so much skin she almost mistook them for bare pigs. Poor pigs, such an insult, atleast pigs tasted nice when cooked.

    A swirl of skirts fluttered with soft breaths, she had spun sound, leaping off the riling as long strides took her back into the room. She was here with the dream weaver, wherever the dream weaver was for she knew the creature had a tendency to change appearances at a moments breath, it was rather refreshing to have someone so electric by her side, not only that but the being wasn't human nor lowly beast. A proud species which she could respect as a quality being of the universe. A slight hum purred from her throat as the female danced across the wooden floor, its tune as erratic and unpredictable as the corpse splayed out in the middle of the room. Simply killed his spine had been corroded away at the base of his neck, it was a rather nice piece of work, no blood dripped from the slaughtered livestock. They had needed a room, all in the city was booked up, people were staying in abandoned houses and estate stables for a chance to take part in some foolish events. Now they had a prime location with quite the view.

    Coming to a brief stop, top hat sat neatly on the desk as she took a moment to straighten the cravat at her neck. "Dreamweaver, it's a few hours before dawn. Shall we go and scout around? Mess around a little, we can always go back again at a better time." Yes, her stomach was in need of filling and the crowds were growing tired, they needed something to zest the world up, sharpen their senses and their bones into little toothpicks.
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    Re: ♖ Neon Abrasives ♖

    Post by Alwe on 13th August 2018, 9:01 pm

    The festival was warm and happy. It was disgusting. Rotten and foolish and nasty to the Dreamweaver, who truly did enjoy a wave of beauteous negativity. Of course, events like this did have the best potential to swing to the state of emotion that the nightmare preferred. Everyone was so unsuspecting that it was adorable. They were so happy that their blissful ignorance kept them out of the know. As a result, their shock stacked atop their fear, anger, and despair could result in quite a spicy combo. The Dreamweaver could almost taste it already, and slowly licked her lips as she considered it.

    Ambrosia had made quick work out of the owner of their new refuge. Eyeing the neatly killed carcass, the blonde-haired girl shook her head in mild disappointment. “My dear Ambrosia, forgive my critique on your brilliant gifts and talents, but that’s no way to do it. He did not even notice the trouble he was in, and died too quickly. That makes for an empty meal, with less nutrition than iceberg lettuce is to livestock,” the Dreamweaver said with a concerned and truly saddened voice and expression. She was starving and the current atmosphere of the capital city of Crocus stoked her thirst and hunger even more. This place was like a desert, bare and dry enough to make one parched just by thinking about it.

    The exceed worked on straightening her clothing. As a kind gesture, the Dreamweaver would begin straightening and fixing one of the alabaster-haired girl’s braids. She had to look her best if she were to allow the crowds to continue their lack of suspicion. That, and Ambrosia did indeed look lovely. Though a creature of surreality, the nightmare still had a general concept of beauty and what looked good and what did not. “‘Exceed’, you may call me Veronika in this form. It seems much more fitting,” the Dreamweaver chuckled while she finished fixing her teammate’s hair. “That is a wonderful idea, yes. Why don’t we start our work now? Rest is not important for a being such as I. But I cannot say the same for you. Do you need rest?”

    The only rest the nightmare could accept was lying in wait to ambush juicy prey. Back in her former home of Dreamland, it was difficult to find a mortal to inflict bad dreams upon. The minions of the King of Dreamland were on top of the situation, quick to banish nightmares, rough them up, or lock them away. They were not so easily killed, but they had no reason to be when the agents of good dreams were on top of things. She was fortunate to have slipped through the crack of spaces, out of surreality and into reality. Food was much more common here and life was easy. Not only that, but she could bide her time and ready herself to rise up and overthrow the Dream King alongside her kin.

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